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  1. I wonder if the click of your heels, the whisper of your ffnylons and swish of your satin would still be audible above the thump thump of my pulse.... 💥💣💓
  2. Goddess, Thank you for making midweek, a legs weakening, fantasy fuelling, fully fashioned feast for my eyes. 😍😁💋💓
  3. Holy Jerry Lee Lewis! Whole lotta shakin goin on 😎
  4. Spank tacular sight 💋
  5. Low Deniered Delicious Decadent proposition 💋
  6. Holy Cum Dine With Me. I give Sue a 10 😁
  7. Wollllllllllllfff Whiiiiiiiiiiiistle! Staring and standing to FULL. attention, Goddess 😁💋💘 That blouse is Sexy with a capital F 💋
  8. It would take a special tantric trick to control myself when you are "in the red" zone of titillating trouser tightening teasing, Goddess 😀😉💪💋💘 You look Sexsational 💋