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  1. New...nervous!!!

    Your Derriere is Delicious enough but when framed by your nylons and suspenders it is Sexsational 😇
  2. I know where I would like to put it, Lady G 😇 💪 💋
  3. Caught in a farmers field

    ... and into my tractor 🚜 😉
  4. Looking for Santa

    He had better have a bulge in his sack for you two naughty elves 😉
  5. On or off the Hook !!

    Holy Hot Hatch! Your motor is running HOT 🔥 😀 💋 ❤️ You look Sexsational 😈 💪
  6. On or off the Hook!!

    You have a High Performance Chassis 😉 😀 💪 💋
  7. Are Stockings Slutty?

    Double Deniered Delicious Desirability, Pat 😉
  8. kinky boots

    Your tension in your lacing is directly proportional to the tension you are creating in my underwear 😇
  9. kinky boots

    I am very much hoping that the items you require polishing, Goddess, are near your Mischievous beating heart ♥ 💜😉😋😎
  10. Mrs R your Sexsational nyloned pins have me in a quandary, Come Dancing or Come Dine with Me 😉😋💋
  11. Love to have the craic with Mrs R 😈 😎 💪
  12. Holy Ankle Warmer! Can I borrow them Mrs R, it's - 12c here in the Highlands 😉😋😎
  13. Holy Hot Pants! I bet the band played HARD and did many an Encore to keep the fabulous Mrs R in view 😉💪💋
  14. Holy Hot Wash! Mrs R you are looking like you desire a full load! Set to HOT 🔥 extended cycle then drain 😉
  15. Little Sunday morning drive

    Holy Hard Drive! Your Chassis is classy and your motor is running HOT 🔥 😀 💋 Thank you for sharing 💋