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  1. It looks like Arup has deleted his account., and just when were about to give him the link.
  2. AbbiLee360

    Kind of agree. The issue was that I don't think any of Abbi's films had her blatantly showing anything of her underwear. Yes, she wore a short skirt and you had the very occasional flash of stocking top when she sat down. More often than not she was in tights. So if all that is classed as provocative clothing, then we are really facing some challenges in the world.
  3. AbbiLee360

    Apparently his family complained to social services, who then said that Abbi could not be filmed wearing provocative clothing whilst a child is around. So all the films have been taken off of Youtube and looks like they have been put on to their website, although you need to be a paying member to see them, and the rates are quite extortionate - £49 per month or £199 for a year.