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  1. Time to go

    If you give a troll a response or a reaction, they win, because that is all they want. There have been enough documentaries on TV about trolls to understand that the reason they do what they do is to get a reaction. It showed that they were often sad and lonely individuals who don't have many friends, and aren't too good at mixing with people. So they use the anonymity of the internet to create a persona, and try to make themselves the king pin of a forum by being judgemental and argumentative, and getting reactions. If they get a reaction, they keep doing it again and again because to them it s winning, and they know that no one can stop them So criticising and flaming them on a forum might make you feel good, but it plays into their game and makes them feel great because they have a reaction. And asking for the moderators and David to ban them ............. well good luck with that. They just come back with a new membership, email and IP address and start again, because they know there are people here who will give them a reaction. Feeding a troll only winds yourself up. If you ignore it, it eventually gets bored and goes away because no one gives it a reaction.
  2. Panties does sound like something my grandma would wear. Much prefer the word knickers.
  3. Time to go

    It is a shame that you feel like that, but unfortunately it is a sad reflection in today's society coupled, with the anominity of the internet. Time and again I have seen posts on some of the celebrity and media threads along the lines of 'She's flashing her knickers or her stocking tops, therefore she must be gagging for it .................'. Hence, if that is the thinking of the modern day pervert, locked in their bedroom fantasising over pictures on the internet, pictures of real women in stockings on this site must be a gold mine to them, because they can use the anonminity aspect to be whoever they want to be, and say whatever they want to, to whoever they please to. Now we could go on about the lack of moderation here banning such members, which seems to be the in vogue complaint for some members here, but to me that isn't a problem. What's acceptable to one person, might be appalling to another, and asking a moderator to step in and choose who is right and who is wrong will never satisfy all. Hence, I suspect, they stand back and remain neutral. And all those who call for banning such members are forgetting the relative ease at which a new membership can be created afterwards with a new e-mail address. Ban the IP address I also hear - just use a VPN to get around that. You see, you will never get around the fact that there will always be a minority of juvenile deviant trolls who like nothing more than to hide behind the anonminity of the internet to create havoc in order to satisfy their twisted views of modern society. Unfortunately, anyone who posts 'sexy' or 'revealing' pictures of themselves on the internet and forum sites will become open to that attention. All I can say is try and grow a thick skin and ignore it, or move on, but moving on will only draw that attention again from these unwanted trolls.
  4. ........ and yet another thread decends into childish tittle tattle between 2 members. Isn't it time you both gave your mummies their tablets back?
  5. Unfortunately such is the anonymity of the Internet. Anyone can pretend to be whoever they want to be, and no one will be any the wiser.