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  1. Northcpl

    I have been a member of this forum for many years now. During this time I have had a good online relationship with a number of women and a smaller group of men. Stockings have been the commonality; also good humour! For three years I attended Nikki's meet in London, where I met in person with a good number of couples, including the incomparable Susan and her husband, and a lovely couple from Wales. I also spoke with several CDers and TVs. Without exception, I found the people all to be very interesting and far from boring. I came away on each occasion with s feeling of joy for the rich variety and diversity of the membership of this community. The present us/them divide which a small group of people seem to be seeking to foist upon the owners of this site is, in my view, deeply deplorable. I wonder if it isn't a symptom of the BREXIT situation here in the UK and the Trump administration in the USA? For me, we are all in this life and forum together. What we have in common (a love of hosiery) trumps everything which makes us different from one another. Vivre la Difference! Embrace it, don't disparage it.