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  1. Weekend massacre

    It seems as though our 'desirable undesirables' have been placed on house arrest...........or some facsimile thereof. I understand the reasons behind what the owner's actions are. He must receive a large volume of negative PM's. Considering this and the time it takes to respond, I may very well do the same as him, in his position. What I can't understand are the weenies that, instead of just ignoring these individuals, they take it on themselves to apply their version of 'social justice' on the rest of us. But I realize everyone enjoys their personal long as it doesn't interfere with their ideas.
  2. Weekend massacre

    Ah, young grasshopper, at least his post brought you out on the forum. You're missed. I believe mssr Augustus was making a statement. Which he did very well. We just have to remember that we all have different opinions. Nobody knows everything about this life we live. We just have to have the wherewithall to separate the reality from the bs. It may be as simple as that.
  3. Weekend massacre

    Honestly, I don't understand how one man can endure such agonizing mental anguish...............
  4. Life doesn't really get any better that this............
  5. Booking fees

    Interesting. Here in the US credit card companies charge the seller a fee of ~1-3%, I forget how much........... In a dept store, or a food chain, etc., the companies outwardly don't differentiate between cash a credit card. The fees are absorbed into the price of the item. But I make many purchases from individuals that are willing and able to accept credit cards. When making a purchase I always ask if payment by credit card is accepted. If it is, I tell them I realize there is a cost for this, and why not pass the savings to me if I pay cash. And just about every time they will do this. I made a purchase costing $2000 a couple of weeks ago, and because of this $40 was subtracted from the bill. It may not seem like much at the time, but it does add up. Yet this is another example of why the hell the gov gets into these things? Whose lives are being improved by doing so?
  6. Doesn't talking to your alter ego so often, muddy the liquid inside your cranium at times?
  7. Well, the opinions of mostly all the members are in lock step, so I suppose I can reply in one post. The problem isn't about the guns. There is a problem with the youth of our respective countries. And I could 'connect the dots', as to the 'why fors' and 'why nots', but it would be pointless. It seems that your mindset is so focused on your vision of what the gov and the media have told you, you can't even consider another paradigm. You also cannot break with 'conventional wisdom' and make a disparaging remark to a kindred spirit for fear of being rejected. It's fascinating but sad at the same time.
  8. It's the kiwi's we're really worried about. But I do still my trusty pop gun.
  9. Weekend massacre

    You're right. I just hope he's ok.
  10. Well, you're just precious and live in sort of Utopia. What else can I say?
  11. Brilliant, Dworkin! Your post sheds light on many things I didn't know, and gives pause for reflection on the things I do know. We are in a terrible state of affairs at this time, and if one reads what Brits have disclosed, they are having the same issues, albeit with knives. The young people are angry. I can conjure up many reasons, some viable, some not. But to concentrate on the tools used, rather than the motives behind their actions is a terrible mistake.
  12. Weekend massacre

    Personally, I will never understand why my 'banned bro' interacted with you, to the extent that he did. What does that tell you........if anything.
  13. melmoth, you could have added this as an addendum to your previous post. And it still isn't that funny...............
  14. Weekend massacre

    Sorry, but I'm not paid to be a counselor.............
  15. What total bullshit! Juxtapose the UK problem with knives, and the US problem with guns. Your answer to our problems is to ban guns. My answer to you is to ban knives. Can you see any dichotomy of the two examples
  16. Like I said stated earlier, you'll never get it. You look at life through a myopic lens. And instead of looking at and debating the broader issues, all you can say is 'guns kill'.
  17. Weekend massacre

    You know, that's a shitty thing to say.............and you've written many 'shitty' things.
  18. Dworkin, fantastic post! I never knew many of the things you discussed. To the naysayers.......... It's a terrible thing that happened. There's two ways to look at this. A political perspective, and looking at it in a pragmatic way. The political perspective is to ban guns. We aren't Neanderthals anymore, and we have law enforcement to protect us. Sounds good. Politicians use this issue to divide the population in order to win elections, mostly. However, I would imagine all the effluent, high profile people in the US have armed guards or 'pack heat' themselves. Brits don't seem to yet realize that politicians 'speak with forked tongues'. They will do anything and say anything to win elections and stay in power. As Dworkin suggested, removing guns from a society leads to more gov invasive policies and stifles political unrest. Now for the realistic viewpoint. We're in a helluva lot of trouble on this gun issue. Back in the day for Dworkin and me, we grew up as teenagers owning shotguns, and plinking squirrels and rabbits on the weekends. (this should be a 'collective' we, as I was never a hunter) We were instructed in the proper way to handle a weapon, and we actually possessed a sense of maturity back then. Fast forward to now. The family unit is dysfunctional. Human contact is kept to a minimum, as many prefer texting and Facebook. For many, there is no male presence in the home. Young people spend much of their time on the computer playing mostly violent games. One could say that today's youth is not responsible enough to possess firearms. Maybe this is true. But for me and many others this is a bitter pill to swallow. For Dworkin and me, as well as many others, we realize this is a gigantic step toward Socialism and the infringement of our rights. I don't think many Brits have the capability to understand our compassion in keeping and maintaining our rights for those that follow us. Contrary to what many of you think, wars were fought to maintain our freedoms. Freedoms that you still possess but are losing as each day progresses. You grew up in an environment that the gov dictated how you live your life, to a great degree. And it seems as though you want more of it, although you complain bitterly about the gov you have. You love the gov involvement in your life so much that you added another layer of gov, called the EU. And that's your choice to do so and using one freedom you still have. But for many of us Americans, we don't want to accept the gov's decisions how we run our daily lives. We still want to get out there and fight for a bigger piece of the cake. Knowing in our heart of hearts, if we don't then someone else will do it for us. It's amazing how so many can critique the American way of life based on the mostly liberal news media. Nowadays people believe not what they see or read, it's what they want to believe. Here in the US, we have the liberal media fighting our President in a manner that I would call seditious. So IMO it's not about guns. It's about our society. We will continue to have guns in our foreseeable future. The root of the problem is the thought process and the education of our children. To me, taking our guns is more than just that. It's another step in the wrong direction for the wrong reasons.
  19. Songs that I've known

    A mother? Who would have thunk?
  20. Songs that I've known

    Are you attempting to make a mockery of this prestigious thread?