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  1. 70 years and counting

    Whoopie do! I'm not allowed to leave the state. All the rest is leftist talking points.
  2. Lord High Executioner.

    I'm sorry to hear of this..............
  3. 70 years and counting

    Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. For some weak support you go back to some convenient era that you think will make your case. It doesn't.
  4. 70 years and counting

    It is easy to answer, I guess. Most likely my people would not have gotten themselves in such a mess. We would not have waged war. I would have accepted what I had and make the best of it. You speak of empathy. But I've never had the curse of sitting around, allowing others to manipulate me for political gain. You have issues in your own country, but reach out in 'empathy' for the Palestinians. It seems to me that you're 'tearing down' and the Israelis are 'building up'. I see the US as heading in the direction you Brits have taken. Trump is at least slowing down this process.
  5. 70 years and counting

    I cannot answer questions that are so blue sky. To take the time to answer your questions, I would have travel in a blimp to capture each one. Not just you, but Penny as well, are so far out in space it's difficult to connect. And this Fox News you talk about is not what you think it is. So I guess you've never watched it. You say that I write bizarre posts, and maybe I do at times. But when my posts are compared to the basis of yours, there is no comparison. You have an agenda similar to a boilerplate for a piece of equipment, and will not, or cannot alter your position on anything we discuss. You take this stuff too seriously. Is it just to reassure yourself that your way is the right way. You guys have progressed this welfare mentality to such a high level, that one of these days it will be the law that while the laborer is at work, he must leave his home and garage unlocked in case you need something to eat, or transportation while he's gone. I don't know any Palestinian's personally, but I betcha they vote for who they do so they can continue to ride on the gravy train. And I believe those reports that said Hamas had paid them for rioting. But you are not even allowed to speculate on the possibility.
  6. 70 years and counting

    Are you attempting to insult my intelligence?
  7. 70 years and counting

    You're not being honest. These people are allowed to travel, but the reality is, nobody wants them. The Arabs don't want them. The Europeans don't want them. I don't know the reasons why. Maybe education, etiquette. There have been many opportunities for them. The world uses these people for political gain. That's why you have been taught to think as you do about their plight. I would disclose the reasons for this, but I'm sorry as it's above your pay grade.
  8. 70 years and counting

    You mean those damned Jews won't give them any water?
  9. 70 years and counting

    I'll make one, 'survival of the fittest has been greatly exaggerated.'
  10. 70 years and counting

    Dammit, I haven't answered because it has no relevance. I could refresh my memory on what has happened in the last 2k years between the Arabs and the Jews, and it really doesn't matter. Israel has the territory. They are not going to give it back. They fought for it and won it. They have challenged many times and have won each time. If the shoe was on the other foot, how much compassion would the Arabs show the Jews? The Palestinians sit there waiting for something to happen. They don't build, that I know of. Their leaders puts the handouts in their pockets, and buy weapons to use against the Israelis. The Arabs, Muslims may eventually win. They have the numbers and maniacal zeal. And then there will be peace in the valley. What I would like to know is what you and your ilk give a rat's patootie about the fate of the Palestinians? Your own country is going to hell because you are choosing to live similar to the Palestinians. Just the idea that somebody, anybody sits there and thinks that gov will solve your problems, is a hateful thing for me to contemplate. I wonder what Hamas told them in order to win the election. I'll betcha the one thing they didn't say is that 'I'll find you jobs and make you self sufficient.' Let's talk about the Socialist gov of Venezuela and how they're doing.
  11. 70 years and counting

    Uh oh, this means your little buddy will be back giving his 1 cent worth....................
  12. I think a beautiful lady went out of her way to share her wonderful pics. I and many others, appreciate it very much. Don't allow the ignorant and the wannabes to dampen your spirit.
  13. 70 years and counting

    You should be the one we worry about. What would Charles Darwin say about all this? You and your ilk are showing so much concern about those that haven't the desire or the capability to move forward, in not too long a time, you will be replacing them as the underdog. This mentality that someone owes another for their existence, has gotten out of control. You have a country that is firing rockets at Israel on a regular basis, and denies Israel's right to exist. Having no incentive in building a future for themselves. Yet it's Israel that is the aggressor. Survivor of the weakest? I betcha a dollar to a donut they won't treat you with the same faux compassion you are giving them.
  14. 70 years and counting

    Books should be read, and I think you're one, possibly two generations behind in your reading. Get fit!
  15. 70 years and counting

    Hmm.....would you ascertain whether or not this is an outdated theory on survival of the fittest. Or possibly the survival of the lucky. References from people who spend their time listening to barroom rabble whilst cradling their head on their arms sleeping, ain't necessarily people who know what they're talking about. But maybe that's as good as it gets.
  16. 70 years and counting

    I don't know where I doublespeak. Your imagination runs rampant in saying I don't want the Palestinians to succeed. However, I still have images burned in my mind, the Palestinians celebrating in the streets after 911. Especially the woman 'trilling' in the streets with their tongues. But they have been brainwashed to hate Americans and Jews their entire lives. Just as you have been brainwashed into believing the gov is doing society a favor by making your citizens dependent on them for your daily needs. Look at what it's doing to the Palestinians, and their gov is supplying very little. It seems to be a welfare gov. The US supplying them millions of dollars a year. Along with many others. I criticized no one except to offer solutions instead of criticizing the status quo. My solution for the Palestinians is to elect people that will encourage them to grow. There current leaders make every attempt to make Israel the reason for their despair, deflecting the inadequacies of their own regime. It's plain to see, if you want to see it. If you don't want to believe in a certain thing, you never will.
  17. 70 years and counting

    Au contraire! They did roll over...............and continue to do so. To whom did they roll over and the reasons why they rolled over, sheds light on the subject. Nobody can make them do anything, if they don't want to.
  18. 70 years and counting

    It's interesting. We are all hoomans, yet we have such different views of the world. I place the last period on the last sentence that I had written, thinking, in the morning people will understand these pearls of wisdom for what they are, and we can all come together. NOT! There's a verse in a song written by the late great songwriter and performer, Don Williams. 'We're all going to be what we're going to be.' The stark reality is that this is a beautiful thing, and simultaneously, ugly. How do it know? Only the shadow knows.............
  19. 70 years and counting

    Now that's a fine kettle of fish..............
  20. 70 years and counting

    While I have your ear, what do you think should be done about this Palestine situation?
  21. 70 years and counting

    Damn, it must be lonely up there where you are, knowing all the answers.
  22. 70 years and counting

    Your comments are so obtuse and uninformed, that's all I got.