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  1. Exposing sexual abuse in the US

    Hmm....pussy envy............
  2. For the last several weeks over here in the US, the outing of workplace sexual abuse has been prolific. In areas of entertainment, business, politics. Who knows where it will stop? Usually it's a matter of time for such events to cross the pond.
  3. Exposing sexual abuse in the US

    That's 'Trump being Trump'. I won't be the one to argue with him.
  4. Exposing sexual abuse in the US

    Well, what you don't know could possibly fill volumes. But I reckon you're saying that I missed your point. What was your point in the post? Do you have a point? Why should President Trump have to 'prove' anything? Isn't it the burden of the victim to provide proof? Have these people been cryogenically in limbo on the possibility Trump was elected president? There are many things to be said of Gillibrand's comments. You do know she has thoughts of running for president. Where was her voice during the Clinton regime? Politics has always been dirty, I suppose. Now it's in the open for all to see. But, as almost always, people will see what they want to see.
  5. Exposing sexual abuse in the US

    What's your problem? Liberals have always enjoyed their leftist media, and those views have run rampant for many years. It was not until Trump spoke the truth, and had the cohunes to stick by his comments. Unlike the Republican party that cowered in fear when accused of bigotry and racism. What we are currently watching is a dirty political fight. The stakes are high, and I don't know which side with win..........either short term or long term. I have always suspected that those wanting the gov to supply their needs will ultimately win. These same people lacking the intelligence nor the experience to realize nobody gets something for nothing in this world. Personally, I feel these 'sex abuse' issues are ploy by the Democrats to grasp political cred. There is nothing else they can add to their agenda, or side of the argument. ISIS has been contained, the stock market is soaring, new jobs and businesses are being created. We are finding out what a POS Obama's immigration policy was/is. I either ignore this silly stuff, or laugh out load when the media continue to campaign for the dems. Although, to the victim, these allegations of sexual abuse, etc., should be dealt with. But given the timing, the length of time, the fact that Clinton seemed to get a free pass, these issues must be set aside. There's something much more important being resolved at this time that will dramatically affect the direction of our country. I don't know about you guys, but I don't really relish the idea of China being the global policeman. But then again, many may not give a shit.
  6. False Nails

    I love beautiful nails on a lady. But don't ever forget those cute little toes!
  7. Jerusalem

    I honestly don't know. It just flows out. But it could have been....................
  8. Jerusalem

    Yep, you got the humor......and so much more!
  9. Mugabe

    Me, too! Ya just gotsa luv that inviting smile.................
  10. Jerusalem your avatar, Trinity! Don't worry, that pussy won't bit..................but one never really knows, do they?
  11. Mugabe

    It's interesting what cubed51 posted. How would you reply to his comments?
  12. “For ever and a day?”

    Add one more occasion.............................
  13. “For ever and a day?”

    Au contraire, sa68! It has actually proven on many occasions that you are truly a little weenie. And it's nobody's fault but your own!
  14. How Do I Delete my Profile?

    For whatever reason, I don't pm very often. Too often it involves conspiracies and I detest drama. If I remember correctly, a member in her first thread posted 'have you read her profile?' As I continued to read, members started acting as though this member was the problem. Not her posting in the wrong forum. Nobody suggested to her that she was in the wrong forum. Instead the tables on the members calling them ignorant and bad. What total bs! From my perspective the ignorant one is the one who posts in the wrong forum. I just don't like being deceived. I've never reported anyone during my time here, and probably never will. I didn't call her any names. If I remember accurately I just said that I felt she knew before hand that it was wrong on this forum, but persisted in doing so. I now understand what you mean by 'pack of hounds'. I didn't mean to do it. If it seemed so, then I should be the one apologizing. Call me crazy, but when I look at some body part, thinking it is a woman's part, and I come to the realization that I ogled a male part, it just gives me a squishy feeling. Robbies, in this day and age, judgements on any issue are difficult, sometimes impossible to make.
  15. How Do I Delete my Profile?

    Nobody wanted her to leave. No where did see a pack of hounds. If I remember correctly, she had problems with her profile on her first thread. She knew what that the issue was. I'm not a hound dawg or an anti anything. There is a reason for a separate forum. She was very aware of it. She didn't care.
  16. How Do I Delete my Profile?

    If you really cared about her, you would have suggested the other forum. And then you could have visited her there.
  17. How Do I Delete my Profile? could just post your pics on the proper forum.