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  1. Christchurch Mass Murder.

    I'll drop the threat issue, but your paranoia started it. You're assuming too much in you comment about the language issue. I feel it's a waste of time trying to explain to you how the global market works. English is the international language. Non English speaking countries mostly assume interpreters are needed. As most higher level foreign managers speak English, this is not a problem. Your fluency of a language determines how much 'free rein' one has. Back in the main office, we had at least one person fluent in Spanish. In a nutshell, the burden is on the customer to provide English speaking representatives. Including the deep South of the US.
  2. Christchurch Mass Murder.

    There you go. That's a beginning!
  3. Christchurch Mass Murder.

    You're right! It is Portuguese. And I've stated this down through the years, the language is mixture of German, Italian, French, English, etc. Sometimes Spanish can be spoken and the Brazilian can understand the meaning of each word. Other times, he understands nothing of what you say. As I was service manager for the entire continent of SA, I had to do the best I could. Sorry I can't to this 'gotcha' moment, but facts are facts. Why don't you start posting something relevance. But I don't want you to feel threatened.
  4. Christchurch Mass Murder.

    It is sad. I would expect one that has authored a book to be more receptive to artistic license. The combining of words to create art. Now you could have stated that I have failed miserably in this attempt, and this is fair game. But for you to not even recognize this was a feeble attempt in trying to do so, leaves me wondering about your credentials. However, your book was mostly devoid of humor, so maybe this is the man you are. And, yes! That is sad.....
  5. Christchurch Mass Murder.

    At some point in time, one could start to be offended by this onslaught of name-calling. I'm no more racist than you are, probably much less of a racist. The problematic issue we have here is that way too many people can't get beyond this reasoning of blaming people that disagree with you as racists or something similar. This shows everyone reading that you haven't a clue about defending your position. And for so many of you 'liberals' that act in tandem with you, it's a sad and very dangerous to be in. About all the disparaging names you mentioned, it once again shows your naivety in a comprehensive worldly view of political matters. The world will always have racists, bigots, whatever names you throw there so often that they become meaningless. No matter what a person says, within reason, of course, it's the heart that determines his true feelings. Don't you realize people can say things that play to what you want to hear? One needs to take a closer look to find the true meaning of the person behind the words. So the political correctness of words only makes it easier to deceive one another. I remember years ago I was in some country in SA. I think it was Brazil. A worker had drawn a caricature of me on a piece of equipment. My Spanish comprehension is pitiful. I barely get by, and I didn't know what a word written below it, meant. I asked the manager with me what it meant. He was embarrassed, and said for me not to take offence, but it was slang for me being effeminate, or worse. In that macho society, it must have been a great insult. It didn't bother me a bit. If I had had the time, I would have liked to ask him why he felt that way.... other than the fact I would always find myself in the locker room during the showers at shift change! Just joking! I know what I am, and similar to what Michelle, my belle, would say, "You go low, we go high!" See, words don't really mean that much! If your only answer to the world problems is racism, some facsimile, our society is doomed. Cos, our enemies don't mince words. And we do have enemies.
  6. Christchurch Mass Murder.

    Dammit, I was just joking about the flag!
  7. Christchurch Mass Murder.

    I've never said that. Why would you say that I have? Then what is this all about? You keep beating the drums, supposedly, for (any race but white), and denounce all of us crackers for demeaning them. You do remember that once or twice, me and any other person that disagreed with you were racists. Evidently you don't think they have the wherewithall to speak for themselves. Just tell me what role you play in all this. No. Were you? I asked why you were proud of the Confederate flag and you provided no answer. Ohio wasn't in the Confederacy was it? So why are you proud of it? I went to the school of hard knockers. You know, I can't remember the last time I've seen a Confederate flag 'up close and personal'...…. if I ever have. It's all I can do to just keep my own affairs in order, instead of looking around for some fanatical organization to fraternize with. I do believe the Civil War was about a lot more than just slavery, and I can see how others may feel allegiance to that flag. You seem to desire to inhibit the flow of spontaneous and honest discussion. Humor is not in you. I just hope it doesn't leak over into the real world.
  8. Christchurch Mass Murder.

    OK.. I understand now. It is a different country with Trump as our President. Much better. The unemployment rate is at an all time low. The black and Hispanic job rates are at an all time high. The stock market has gone up about 50% since he was elected. Fewer people on food stamps. We still have a problem with illegal immigrants, but the Dems say we don't need no fooking wall. Even though Obama asked and received money for building a wall. We are calling China to task for their illegal business practices. NoKo has been given restrictions as to what they can and cannot get away with. ISIS is practically defeated. Blah, blah, blah......
  9. Christchurch Mass Murder.

    I don't know what to say. And you accuse me of being alien.....
  10. Food For Thoughts About Socialism

    I don't want to go there...………. too many bad memories......
  11. On this day

    Bottom line. We won...……..with Haliburton's help......
  12. Food For Thoughts About Socialism

    I don't if your post can be substantiated with objective facts on this matter.
  13. Christchurch Mass Murder.

    Do you realize how lame this is? You and your buddy AB probably share the same padded cell.