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  1. Well, some members have only so many arrows in their quiver, and once these are expended, they have limited options. Says Penny, Blott, this is the OTF, we offer piss taking and vociferous rebuttal of stupidity, not all the solutions of the world. For that we need Jordan Peterson's 12 rules for life (sorry, another piss take). See what I mean? See what I mean?
  2. Not at all! It's good to have you participate. It's good to learn more about fellow member on the forum. And I think it's great that you're proud of your son, and that he's doing well. Good luck to him in his dealings in this beautiful.🤩 But it does take a fairly thick skin to keep up, at times. Ren and Stimpy have been at this for a very long time, and have honed their participation to a razor's edge!😅
  3. Often I feel that 'helen' is a 'robo' poster. Dictating a specific political leaning.
  4. What we consistently do on this forum is to debate liberals v conservatives. As if hanging a label on a person gives one a brief synopsis on his innermost thoughts. Doing this starts a discussion each side having preconceived ideas about the other. But what we're talking about here, is a relatively moderate income vs. a very wealthy income. That is, no matter what your political leanings are, the wealthy are going to use their money to make their life better.... for them and their kids. Ideally these people should stay within the law, but as we well know, often they don't. I found this from a British paper about the US college scandal. Among these people were many 'Hollywood' types, which typically tend to be liberals. I imagine ab and Penny, et al., are low to moderate income individuals. What if these two individuals won the lottery? How would it affect them and their family on a personal level? Would they be tempted to use the power they had to cushion their children's lives in certain ways? Possibly. No doubt about it. Money changes things. I detest saying this, but it must always go back to the individual on how he manages his money. You talk about Socialism vs. Capitalism, and this thread shows money plays a part in whatever your society. Unfortunately, I wished it could be changed, but there will always be a 'core' group of wealthy individuals that will make things happen. But maybe we need these people. But we just have to be unrelenting in placing limits on their participation. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/mar/12/us-college-admissions-scandal-corruption-rigged
  5. Smells like illegal foreign meddling in our elections over here. Haven't we been through enough?
  6. Hmm…. I never thought of it that. strive make great efforts to achieve or obtain something. But I suppose a person that didn't go to college and strived a whole bunch for it, he could wind up being a success. Or maybe if he had an uncle high up in industry, that would also help him. You know, I've heard taller men are more apt to get bigger pay raises and go higher up the corporate ladder. If one had all his fingers and toes, that would be a plus. Yep, if one made great effort and went on to do all the above, maybe he could be a success, or obtain something. But you can't beat going to a high end university. Too many hurdles otherwise.
  7. Ren and Stimpy. But which is which?
  8. I always thought she was a beautiful lady...… and still is!! The man's eyes are riveted to her legs, and takes care of those stockings!
  9. I know what he's trying to say, and he's in denial. He lives in his own cocoon, incognizant of the world going on around him. He doesn't think he'll be touched by bad things in the world. The tragedy is, he doesn't concern himself with the woes of others, paying only lip service.
  10. I suppose I feel it necessary to respond, and I am. And I always try to remember that I post on this forum for myself. But I can never understand the logic in what some of my fellow members write. I suppose there is a method to our madness. But I'll be damned if I can find it!
  11. Damned nice pics, Weasel! You know, I'm plenty old enough to remember those days when 'sightings' were an everyday occurrence. While a lady's legs look very nice in tights, it could never compare to a lady in stockings. So it's a nostalgic look into the past for me. 'Accidents' or not, this is what the admirers saw back in the 60's. Thanks!
  12. I suppose it's just an old American joke. Two guys were in a cinema. Looking around at the audience, one guy asked the other, 'have you ever 'had' a woman like that? The other replied, 'I've 'had' her.' The first guy asked the same question to the other guy, and had the same affirmative answer. Until the last woman. His response to the last woman was, 'I'm having her now!' The conquest thing came from your 'Empire Building' comment came from your statement, it 'implied' involuntary assimilation. I took a quantum leap that you would understand, but failed miserably.🙄
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