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  1. He who sups with the devil …

    This world wouldn't be so uncertain if we concentrated on, relied on the actions of a person, instead of attempting to diagnose his agenda by parsing each individual word. Life is complex, but it seems as though our society can't or won't try to understand these complexities. Paradoxically, you portray Trump as anti- EU. Yet you declare the two President's are unified in their congratulations to Putin. Life is simple only to simple people.
  2. He who sups with the devil …

    About Trump, I feel that too many people get 'hung up' on certain talking points. Many seem to have a shallow perspective, and are unable to look beyond the spoken word. It's obvious Trump respects Putin as the man seems to love his country. One could go back to George W Bush and remember how he talked of Putin. Then there's Hillary holding the 'reset' button over in Moscow, while she was Secy of State. So I don't understand your bringing up Trump when talking about the status of your military...................other than repeating the consensus of the liberal media.
  3. He who sups with the devil …

    The rubbish in all this is that no one talks of why the military is in this situation. Why the military, responsible for the safety of your country, sucks hind teat to all other gov expenditures. So whether or not a military entity is capable of launching a retaliatory raid, why have to come to this sad state of affairs. These are questions that I ask my own gov, as we are in a similar state of disrepair, but isn't as noticeable due to the large size of our military. The first item would be to question the priorities of the gov in determining where the money is spent.
  4. We've been through this crap before. The 'man' doesn't know anything thing about the woman. All he knows is what people tell him to say. Pathetic......
  5. Ignorance is a terrible thing to waste. I bet you spew it out on a regular basis.
  6. He who sups with the devil …

    Here you are blaming the Russians for all this. But your gov should have banned these dangerous chemicals entering the country. Without the poison the Ruskies couldn't have done diddly squat. 'Now, as then, facts do not matter much. The truth belongs to whomever shouts loudest.' You mean liberals, don't you?
  7. Happy Birthday Boss

    Happy birthday, David! You have it all. Well known author, actor, entrepreneur............ Have a happy day today!