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  1. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    No, it stated that the people have already decided on a Brexit. So I suppose another referendum would be needed to change that.
  2. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    I watched a program on BBC hosted by Nick Robertson discussing the Brexit issue in front of a large audience. After listening to all sides, the results were 19% for Teresa Mays deal, 27% for no deal, and 54% for another referendum.
  3. France

    It's a big mess. These people must be mad as hell with their gov to protest in such a manner. I understand why they're protesting, I suppose. But Macron did win the election by a wide margin. These people protesting couldn't have voted for him. I did some checking and found out it's the more educated and the higher income voters that elected him. Are there that many voters such as this to elect the French president? I suppose so. Educated people understand the dire effects of climate change, and certainly have the money to pay the higher taxes. But what about the rank and file workers? The ones that carry everyone? I have read on here why the EU has been so good to the countries, and have kept them out of war for a period of time. But it seems as though the EU is sitting pretty good right now and it's the member countries that are falling apart. I'll use a word that Trump used..... nationalism. (It has been rumored that French protesters have been chanting 'We want Trump!') What is the EU doing for you at this point in time? What can it do? About this Brexit thing. All I hear now is the lack of jobs, i.e., the economy. Not too long ago it was about immigration and social justice. I'm certain you'll go back to this default position after Brexit fails. These Frenchman that slug their way through life one day at a time are very similar to the Brexiteers. They're looking for something to believe in. A light at the end of the tunnel. They don't want anymore bullshit politics.
  4. Dare I?

    I don't know if she would accept coupons for a Big Mac.
  5. France

    Read carefully. It started out as fuel tax increase protest, and then morphed into something more comprehensive. I'm not making excuses for them. But on another thread it was suggested by nylon 10, that a 2nd referendum may turn the UK into another US. So I'm saying there may be a groundswell of the middleclass that are not wealthy, and are not among the impoverished. The group having to work for a living and bearing the brunt of laws catering to the layabouts…. for lack of a better word. We should call it for what it is, though. I could call out the bankers for their mischief making, but they are going to be compensated, no matter. At some point in our 'civilized' world, a coalition of minorities must be stopped in making laws that have strayed too far from the ordinary citizen. If you look at the list of their demands some seem illogical, and they are. But it is the society they live in that keeps them ignorant of economics. All they know is that they're getting screwed over.
  6. France

    How obtuse can one be? Do you really believe fuel tax increases are no longer an issue? So, I suppose that makes you WRONG!
  7. France

    Once again you twist things to suit your super ego. According to this article..... Protests that began last month against planned tax hikes on gas have since morphed into a wider rebuke of Emmanuel Macron’s presidency and an expression of anger at his attempts to reform France's long-ailing economy. So once again you really think you know, but as it comes out you don't know didly squat.
  8. Not really. I don't want my forum filled with nude pics. Pics and posts should leave something to the imagination. The thing is, I don't know how far one should go with these things. I'm reasonably certain we've all seen genitalia of both sexes on a few occasions. But what we haven't seen are women posing in different outfits, wearing an array of colors and types of lingerie. I'd like to keep those ladies here. I don't know if they will stay if we continue to post pics leaving nothing to the imagination.
  9. Perfect girl

    About 4 feet tall and having a flat head so a chilled mug of brew could rest securely on the little lady's head.
  10. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    Nah, don't feel bad. You didn't rubbish my post. You stated how you felt. It doesn't get any better than that. I didn't spew Trump propaganda. I stated what I felt are the important things in taking care of many of the world's problems. You may not like it or even believe it, but the world consists of people shoving and others shoving back. I thought we were speaking of real world issues. But you still haven't expressed your views of how things must be. Only how you would like them to be. You're mistaken if you believe everyone wants to get together. And getting together, we can work out our differences. This is not the world we live in, or ever have lived in. Things happen when the strong makes the weak relent. And I think it makes for a better world. It's been tried and been proven to be true. Look at where we are now. There are problems, but the good outweighs the bad by a large margin. Your ideology couldn't have brought us where we are today. If you don't want anything enough to fight for it, you don't deserve it. And you can apply this nugget of wisdom to everything you want out of this life. I understand your position perfectly. Where are you now in your life? Is this where you want to be?
  11. France

    Ha! Ha! Ha!
  12. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    So there you have it. I thought I articulated my thoughts very well. In return, you reply that my post was useless rubbish. Instead of analyzing my thoughts individually, you bunch them all together, your reply is a fix all, cure all, 'Why can't we all get along?' Why do you think, either the US, or the UK are at such great odds against each other. We're talking here on the forum, and it seems exactly the same in your real world. I think God created man in two separate modes of action, dominance and passiveness. Just to keep us on an even keel. Maybe it's working as He intended.
  13. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    Thank you muchly, young grasshopper. Your answer exudes pragmatism and great intellectual capacity. I assume you're saying the Obama years were divisive, as well. Maybe even initiating and promoting this divisiveness. I suppose it was just an oversight that you failed to mention it. I'll back up a little. Why are we so divided..... The easiest answer to this would be a lack of respect for the political combatants cause by Trump's loud mouth. Many may differ, but I believe Trump's loud mouth just brought all these pent-up and supposedly hidden feelings to the surface. We have been a divided nation for quite some time. Trump just spoke out loud the feelings many of us had. Prior to Trump, we couldn't say that many of the immigrants were illegal, and many of those illegal aliens did bad things. For that reason, and a few others, we should know who is entering our country and could possibly knock on our front door. NoKo. Left to many, they would be allowed to threaten the world with nuclear war. Iran, the same thing. China. Do you know what 'intellectual property is? It means China is taking our patented mechanical inventions, as well as our patented processes which are equally patentable, and using it for their own. This is called theft. And it may be impossible to keep them from doing so. Too many people don't even understand what a patent is, and how much and money goes into the research to have a patentable idea. Trump has slashed the time consuming and delay oriented rules and regulations so that projects, ideas can go from the drawing board to fruition in a much quicker time. The Stock Market has increased about a third since he became President. Trump is very good at grandstanding and making things look big because they are big things. Each idea I mentioned would transfer climate change to the waste can in ranking of importance. We in the US, as well as you, and maybe include France are at a pivotal time in our respective societies. Here we are teetering at the 50 yard line. As this forum has stated before, just a few million voters could take the vote one way or another. It's a balancing act, at this time, to see who will come out on top. The more conservative group, or the more progressive group that want change. Wait a minute! Did I say that? They don't want change. They want the status quo so nothing will get inadvertently ruffled. So we are at odds, because what we want are so diametrically opposed to the other and neither side will yield. However, it's my belief these 'progressions' will win in the end. And it will be a lot easier on the population.... for a while.
  14. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    Hmm... I would like for you to describe to me the 'new US'. What kind of mold would you like place us in, and then analyze the end product.