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  1. Used Panties

    Or an enema. I've always been partial to an enema.
  2. Sweet Home Alabammy

    Ala bama it is, then! We've had more than enough of O bama....................
  3. Jerusalem

    Damn, you're older than dirt! I would imagine she's had 'a thread dangling in the dust' for quite some time.............
  4. Sweet Home Alabammy

    Hmm....slightly narcissistic.
  5. How Do I Delete my Profile?

    That's interesting. If he had worn stilettos, maybe he wouldn't have needed those walking sticks............
  6. How Do I Delete my Profile?

    Could it be said, for sure, that he was the first 'white boy' that reached the summit? Did you know that Mrs. Clinton has stated that she was named for the famous climber. Even though she was born years before his ascent?
  7. Sweet Home Alabammy

    I really like your new avatar. Fantastic!
  8. Sweet Home Alabammy

    Ok, if you really want to know! I wanted Roy Moore to win. I was willing to pinch my nose and have him elected to the Senate because I thought it would advance Trump's agenda. However, many voters in Alabama, a very Republican state, didn't share my views. Kudos to them! I admire them for taking a stand, and saying 'enough is enough'. After all is said and done, it gives me a good feeling these people, with whom I share a political party, were able to make a judgement based on their personal beliefs and ideals, rather than 'for the good of the party'. But I wonder if the media will portray this event in a similar manner. And will the opposing party, that seems to sell their vote to those that offer the most 'freebies', continue to call the republicans 'racists and bigots'?
  9. Sweet Home Alabammy

    Huh, I thought the movie was filmed in Hollywood.
  10. Exposing sexual abuse in the US

    You seem to have some kind of love/hate relationship with the 'Donald'.
  11. Jerusalem

    It has been rumored that luckyme had endured a tour of duty on the continent.
  12. How Do I Delete my Profile?

    Was he actually the first one to reach the summit?
  13. Exposing sexual abuse in the US

    Hmm....pussy envy............
  14. Exposing sexual abuse in the US

    That's 'Trump being Trump'. I won't be the one to argue with him.
  15. Exposing sexual abuse in the US

    Well, what you don't know could possibly fill volumes. But I reckon you're saying that I missed your point. What was your point in the post? Do you have a point? Why should President Trump have to 'prove' anything? Isn't it the burden of the victim to provide proof? Have these people been cryogenically in limbo on the possibility Trump was elected president? There are many things to be said of Gillibrand's comments. You do know she has thoughts of running for president. Where was her voice during the Clinton regime? Politics has always been dirty, I suppose. Now it's in the open for all to see. But, as almost always, people will see what they want to see.