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    say hi on yahoo messenger if you like. happy to chat, and we're often in London and happy to meet any/all.

    Prefer to chat with other couples.

    mrs cc likes 6 and 8 strap belts with deep fronts, and any good brand of stockings - customer service knows her size and email, if you care to give a gift.
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    falke, fabianni, charnos, seams and recently opaques

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  1. we both love how liberated you are... you're very pretty.. but how you display your mature sensuality and playfulness is wonderful. we would love to play with you some time...
  2. gorgeous heels.. where did you find them?
  3. you look terrific.. and what a lovely compliment from the other fellow... you should do it - have some fun with it.. xo susanne, mrs cc
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