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    say hi on yahoo messenger if you like. happy to chat, and we're often in London and happy to meet any/all.

    Prefer to chat with other couples.

    mrs cc likes 6 and 8 strap belts with deep fronts, and any good brand of stockings - customer service knows her size and email, if you care to give a gift.
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    falke, fabianni, charnos, seams and recently opaques

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  1. Weekend away + +

    thank you... for the additional fotos.. did you buy it recently - i'd love one.. you have gorgeous legs hon, you really should wear a higher hem, or at least unzip it mid thigh. xo mrs cc
  2. london sat night 13th

    i love Y straps... but i've never seen clips like those.. where did you find them (or the belt if they came that way). xo mrs cc
  3. Weekend away + +

    very lovely fotos... i love your skirt, where did you get it? xo mrs cc