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  1. Last Picnic fo 2017

    Third place we visited used to be out regular haunt but had not been in for a while Lady Jane was warmly welcomed and did thank the regulars for the compliments and best wishes
  2. Last Picnic fo 2017

    Second bar is a more regular place for us by as its small Lady Jane had to visit the loo to get the full attention of the small crowd in there
  3. Last Picnic fo 2017

    So first pub was not one we use it's prob been a couple of years since we have been there but the appreciative looks Lady Jane got may put it on our list of regulars it was lucky they were having a Carol singing after with free mulled wine to warm us but I do think Lady Jane raised the temp as well
  4. Last Picnic fo 2017

    Car is loaded let's go have some fun
  5. Last Picnic fo 2017

    As our afternoon got closer to conclusion we decided that a visit to a bar or three on the way home was a good plan, no point in dressing up if no one gets to see a. Quick visit to ladies room for Lady Jane before set off
  6. Last Picnic fo 2017

    As the afternoon wore on the temperature started to drop so time for lady Jane to cover up but not totally
  7. Last Picnic fo 2017

    The cats add a little something to our favourite beauty spot and we both like to see them and the van driver having his lunch also seemed like he was enjoying the view
  8. Last Picnic fo 2017

    Thank you for the nice comments it did get a little nippy as the afternoon went on but we enjoyed a bottle of wine in the afternoon sun
  9. Last Picnic fo 2017

    Thanks everyone it was warm enough for Lady Jane to relax and enjoy the sun shine
  10. Hi Yes i know what your thinking its bloody freezing cant be new pictures. Well where we are it was a lovely sunny day so we decided one last day out to our fav spot before heading back to the uk for xmas