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  1. Home again after a lovely outing
  2. We headed home for dinner having enjoyed our afternoon and the walk back to the car was just as ugh fun as the walk into the bar with Lady Jane tinkling all the way
  3. As the oven was on auto mode and Lady Jane was enjoying herself and I was enjoying the view we stayed a while longer
  4. We chose a place where the staff are friendly, the chairs comfy and a big patio where Jane has to walk into the bar in full view before getting seated
  5. Need a bar where we can relax and enjoy a quiet drink
  6. So dinner is on and we are for a drink
  7. What do you do while the roast is cooking lady Jane and I headed out to a bar for pre dinner drinks Outfit chosen
  8. Some minor works out doors inspected buy Lady Jane Chocolate Cuban Gio's size 9
  9. A visit to a pub for dinner and drinks was a very pleasant experience for those lucky enough to be around