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    Have been a fan of stocking clad ladies since my teenage years. Love all types of leg wear from tights to stockings. Love seeing the photos on this site, especially the ones where the lady is wearing a beautiful dress.

    Always happy to PC with ladies or couples about leg wear.

    Have even been known to have more naughty conversations when the mood takes me.....

    What mood am I in today?

    Pc to find out, no need to ask in main room...
  • Favourite hosiery brand or style
    Any type of legwear works for me :)

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  1. Stockingsadmirer68 - Who said I didn't buy anything? I'm a regular in there at the moment :). Pompeyblue - Its a local furniture shop, and is named after the first owner :)
  2. Went for a stroll around our local furniture shop (Eastleigh area) early afternoon today. Saw a rather lovely shop assistant, who had some rather noticeable bumps through her figure hugging dress. If you're a member here would love to know. I would have said hi but with wife and son... lol