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    Love dressing up and having hubby take photos.

    Always love to recieve a gift from members on here, have got some so far and will send on some photos as a thank you :-)

    Have recieved heels, lingerie, stockings and even a card :-)
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    Gio, Cervin, SIL

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  1. Sorry, Ms. Green, but the flickr site "says" no photos released to the public.  Please school me.

    Thank you, for your efforts.  You look fine.

  2. Job Interview

    Thank you for all the lovely comments. Always like to read what people say about my photos, make it worthwhile doingthem and posting them Have added a couple more to them... Green xx
  3. Job Interview

    Thanks for kind words Robbies
  4. Job Interview

    It was for a PA.. Not sure the hours suited me anyway tbh..
  5. I went for a job interview last week. I decided to wear something different to the interview, was a little fun too if I might say. I have not hear back from the interview, so not sure if I got it or not. Greenshq xxx