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    Wearing all sorts of uniforms,stockings and heels and being Pauline when ever I can.
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    Eleganti and Nylonica stockings either seamed stockings black barely black and grey stockings

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  1. Ursula, It sounds like you had a top day out well clothes is always a top day out. Glad to see that your first trip was a total success and from this you were able venture out on your own. It's amazing what confidence can do for you and pushing the boundaries more as you become more comfortable venturing out. The funny thing about Sunday was that I was sat on the table next to you as per the photo below: So probably explains why it took a little bit longer to get served as the waitress wanted to take a photo of me and my Goth bling. Plus very nice to meet up with you on Sunday evening in a more typical outfit for me lol. Once again well done and look forward to hearing of your trips out on the town.
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