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    Wearing all sorts of uniforms,stockings and heels and being Pauline when ever I can.
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    Eleganti and Nylonica stockings either seamed stockings black barely black and grey stockings

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  1. Where are you on the scale?

    Well for me it all started when I was around 7 years old wearing my mums stockings and lingerie. When I started buying my own stockings and lingerie which moved on to dresses, skirts and blouse along with make up and a wig. The obvious next step for me was going out for nights on the town. Over the years my look and style has evolved and now have my own unique look. With regard to what I class myself as I would call myself as Tgirl I like dressing up feminine and tend to spend more time, effort and money on my female wardrobe compared to guy wardrobe. I enjoy my nights out on the town in girl mode but have no intention to go down the transition path. So for me I would class myself as a Tgirl.