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  1. Alberts versus Hanes

    I shopped at the same Downtown Crossing Albert's as Leggypat in the 1970s. At that time, Albert's still carried a full line of FFNs and RH&Ts in 100% nylon...anything that would have been available in the 1950s. As I recall, only their seamless stockings were velvetized. My favorites were their seamed stockings. Their "Classic" 15 denier FFNs were only $1.75 a pair as I recall. So I wore them quite frequently. And their "Favorite" FFN walking sheers were only $1.50 a pair. I think the velvetized RH&Ts were only a dollar a pair! Of course, this was in the late 70s when stockings weren't too popular in the US. The older ladies who ran the shop were amused that a young gal in her 20s like me still wore gartered stockings, and especially seams. I had fun shopping there. Karen
  2. Alberts versus Hanes

    Hi All: Albert's was a chain of hosiery shops in the US that went out of business in the late 1980s. Their velvetized stockings were treated with lanolin which gave them a smooth, silly feel. Hanes discontinued their range of Lycra stockings several years ago and no longer makes gartered stockings as far as I know. Their 100% nylon stockings were discontinued in the early 1990s. So both Hanes and Albert's are now only available on the secondary market. Both brands were among my favorites back in the day. Albert's offered an incredible choice of stocking styles and colors, all at a reasonable price. Karen