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    Long time adoration of all things fem, all types of hosiery from stockings to pantyhose and tights, corsets, nice skirts, outfits and of course high heel shoes and boots. I wear some sort of hosiery item every day, from Opaque Tights in the winter to Silky Sheers with shorts in the summer.
    I believe that we should all express ourselves as comfortably as possible within the guidelines of society. Many of us CD's are not looked upon with favor and often have to put up with rigid steroetypes expected of our born sex. I just ask that others look at my character, not how i dress.
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    Wolford, Hanes, Leggs, Berkshire

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  1. New chat room coming very soon

    As i said already, David is working very hard to provide us ALL a room that we can express our passions for hosiery. Both males and females wear, this is already a known factor here. Wolford and Cervin Hosiery makers now have Ads geared to the male wearer as they realize there there is a market for it. Im sorry that there are female names in the chat that are nothing more then males or husbands using their wifes names to further their agenda. Least most of us male wearers identify ourselves as CD's or TV/TG, or in some other way! The Transgendered world is here and its NOT going away. Again, We enjoy wearing as much as anybody!
  2. New chat room coming very soon

    I hope for both your sakes its ONE room, then!
  3. simply black x

    Oh my goodness YES, so sexy!
  4. First picture

    Outstanding you have a partner that understands and enjoys your fem side. Ya'll are Awesome!
  5. Anybody needs me, send a pvt message on the service here, or email me!

  6. New pics

    Incredibly sexy Miss Zoe! Love the makeup and lashes too!
  7. New chat room coming very soon

    Thank you David for all you do for us, we really do appreciate it!
  8. No chat bubble-message would be nice.

    Well then i trust David will find the solution to these chat room issues we are having. Give him some time!
  9. caught again

    Gotta say i love both the legs, stockings AND the heels!
  10. I guess we just sit and wait for the chat bubble to re inflate, LOL!

    1. tvclaire


      Blow Blow Blow that bubble


    2. suzannetv


      hi michelle its working again its 12.23pm in the uk and its come back on again

      hope you can chat with every one now


  11. WOW and great Bullet bra as well!