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    Long time adoration of all things fem, all types of hosiery from stockings to pantyhose and tights, corsets, nice skirts, outfits and of course high heel shoes and boots. I wear some sort of hosiery item every day, from Opaque Tights in the winter to Silky Sheers with shorts in the summer.
    I believe that we should all express ourselves as comfortably as possible within the guidelines of society. Many of us CD's are not looked upon with favor and often have to put up with rigid steroetypes expected of our born sex. I just ask that others look at my character, not how i dress.
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    Wolford, Hanes, Leggs, Berkshire

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  1. Hoping you have a brilliant birthday Michelle

    Scarlett xxxxx

    1. Michelle_CD


      Thank you Scarlett!


  2. Lazy Saturday

    Lovely shots, thanks for sharing!
  3. French girls

    Anybody who wears stockings is truly sexy and admired no matter where they are from!
  4. Such a lovely Guard on duty as well!