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    Hello as its 2016 think its time for a refresh. I am fae the far north a rock in de middle of the North sea called Shetland brolly fine place tae bide du kens. I enjoying reading history more old old history i.e the Vikings. Also Law I was trying to get a career in the legal sector but that sadly seems to be on hold. Sports love football, rugby,cricket, NHL and NFL. I work in security. I also am a big fan some say obsessed with our wee fire festival Up Helly Aa in my view its the best thing in the world loved it since I was like 6 years old. Also as far as nylon go I like all kinds can`t be fussy you see lol not huge fishnets but on the right legs look good. anythng eles I have not covered jus ask. Ohh and you may be able to tell can`t spell for me life :D
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    All not keen on fishnets though

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  1. That is a red herring and was proved so in a court of Law, I think you will find.
  2. Well if a person did that it be highly irresponsible surely? After all a gun was invented for one purpose. It was not self deference. Augustus but they has still been school shootings before 2010. But Ok I will take your point about the rise, that surely shows society has changed and become less responsible. Which surely means it is time to control who owns a gun in the states? I will say again you don`t have to outlaw guns. All I personally saying is this, a person must have a VALID reason for ownership of a gun. Before anyone says it no self defense is not a valid reason.
  3. But regulating social media (which in truth I agree with) does not get passed the issue. How does modern society explain the shootings from 1940 all the way up to for fairness 2000`s only one thing links it. That is the right to own a gun.
  4. You mean the rich Republican media people Mr Rowlf?