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    We love to go to Vintage gatherings, love Goodwood Revival, so if you know of any coming up please invite us along.

    We'd also love to go to a Masquerade Ball or two, again let us know of any happening in the UK.

    Thanks and enjoy all the pics of MrsFridayCouple in the female gallery.

    As we are a couple our gender is male and female but as my wife is the wearer of the stockings I think she should take the lead.

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  1. Just posted a new album taken on holiday.

    Hope you like. Do let us know.

    1. Liebhaber-von-Nylons


      Many thanks for this wonderful and so sexy new set of pics!!

      This light-grey seamed stockings are fabulous - what brand they are!?

    2. SirSpender


      very nice,welcome to the Hotel California !

  2. We have just posted a new album of images from a night in after a lovely dinner, while on holiday. We do need a little help with the posting please - I can't get the images in the correct order, they appear the wrong way round ie pic 217 should be last not first in the display, can anyone help, please? PM me or leave some advise here if you can help. So for now start with the last image and work back, sorry We hope you enjoy the pictures and will let us know what you think of your favourites. Thanks Mr & Mrs FC