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    We love to go to Vintage gatherings, love Goodwood Revival, so if you know of any coming up please invite us along.

    We'd also love to go to a Masquerade Ball or two, again let us know of any happening in the UK.

    Thanks and enjoy all the pics of MrsFridayCouple in the female gallery.

    As we are a couple our gender is male and female but as my wife is the wearer of the stockings I think she should take the lead.

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  1. going for spin

    What a superb sexy sophisticated stockinged Sunday Spin. Very lovely lingerie and great boots and better body. Thanks for posting
  2. Mrs StockingTotty looking as gorgeous as always. Her legs are even better in real life should you be lucky enough to have the pleasure of the Totty couples company at any of the meets as we have. Top post, such a great use of the zipped skirt, lovely legs. FridayCouple
  3. Thanks to all who came along to the second Heels and Seams group "Meet & Mingle" in a hotel bar in Warwick on Saturday Night. It was great to meet so many new friends as well as catching up with many old friends too. There were a dozen couples and 4 or 5 single gents present and I believe everyone had good fun. I do hope the new couples and single gents who came along enjoyed themselves and will join the group. And hopefully we will see many of you at the Dinner Dance next month. Here are a few images from Saturday evening.... Mrs FridayCouple and Katiesheer getting the thumbs up from an admirer We all couldn't believe the registration plate of the car... So a few pictures had to be taken A lovely rear view, just to prove Heels and Seams were being worn Mrs FridayCouple in the car on the way home While Mr FridayCouple got handy Looking forward to another great evening next month. FridayCouple
  4. Top 4 Pics posted on Monday 11th February Pics 8-5 uploaded on Tuesday 5th February Pics 12-9 uploaded on Friday 1st Feb Pics 16-13 uploaded on Saturday 26th Jan Thanks to everyone who voted for their favourite 2018 picture of Mrs FridayCouple. Here are the results as of closing time of the month long vote. After over 6,400 views, 318 votes were placed, where did your favourite come? As is traditional here's the countdown... 20) Pic E18 - (3 votes, 518 views) 19) Pic Q18 - (4 votes, 527 views) 18) Pic R18 - (5 votes, 491 views) 17) Pic J18 - (7 votes, 553 views) 16) Pic O18 - (11 votes, 560 views) 15) Pic G18 - (11 votes, 592 views) 14) Pic F18 - (11 votes, 613 views) 13) Pic D18 - (11 votes, 642 views) 12) Pic M18 - (12 votes, 547 views) 11) Pic T18 - (13 votes, 387 views) 10) Pic L18 - (13 votes, 562 views) 9) Pic K18 - (15 votes, 568 views) 8) Pic B18 - (18 votes, 568 views) 7) Pic H18 - (18 votes, 630 views) 6) Pic I18 - (22 votes, 693 views) 5) Pic N18 - (24 votes, 634 views) 4) Pic A18 - (26 votes, 448 views) 3) Pic S18 - (27 votes, 639 views) 2) Pic C18 - (27 votes, 652 views) 1) Pic P18 - (40 votes, 620 views) We hope you enjoyed the voting and if you voted, many thanks. FridayCouple