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  1. Looking lovely as ever Mrs FC and squeeky clean! Would you like to borrow my loofah? :) Cheers guys, catch up soon I hope. Dave
  2. Uniform 999

    If I lay on your couch will you check my pulse and blood pressure please Gill? Love the outfit :) You care for us all :) Dave
  3. Cuddle Couch - Black FF

    Room for another? :)
  4. GIF’s...

    Oooo :) How lovely!
  5. A Short But Sweet Lunchtime Meet

    Dead right TROTA / Robbies ;) You're always more than welcome Sue X A couple more shots which our onlooker must have seen TEASING the VOYEUR CATCHING THE WIND
  6. It's always great to meet fellow SHQ members and I was lucky enough to join Mr & Mrs RailRoad for lunch ... and to grab a few photos :) Although car parks aren't the most attractive locations I'm not expecting any complaints and we weren’t caught (I dont think!) CROSSED