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  1. Suspender Bumps

    Hi and thanks for your reply, nice to hear you wore stockings at work, even though the clip pinged, it sounds like the lady was quite ok with your dress code?? Yes I sometimes think that about people suspecting, but with the bumps, unless you were actually aware or looking for a man wearing stockings under trousers, it is usually not going to attract notice anyway, I have even worn seamed stockings without socks out and again even sitting down with the ankle seams showing it is not the norm to look at a guys ankles for stockinged legs anyway, yes today I was in a 4 strap double vee clip open crotch beige girdle, with lovely double seamed contrast beige and black stockings, socks on today though!!!! Yes wife knows I am a cross dresser but as long as she does not have to watch or partake in my dressing up and going out, she turns a blind eye to it
  2. Any waerers get the same thrill of raised suspender bumps when worn under a pair of reasonably light and tight jeans, I managed to travel into town sat next to my unsuspecting wife today, all the while my bumps on my left side would have been touching her side, and my front bumps plainly visible to me and I could easily rest my hands on them on the bus, she ventured into the shopping centre whilst I had to call in at the doctors to drop a reading off at reception, on my way to meet back up again, I sat in a bus shelter out of the rain and managed a couple of pix, then we met up again and had a coffee together in Greggs, before returning on the bus again, definite turn on and will do it again sometime