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  1. We'll for sure she knows that I do dress and what I dress in. Even though I've dressed ever since I was very young I still only take it so far. Have thought about taking it further but as point I don't see the need. So anyway, we have discussed (briefly) a dress up night for the two of us and as her reaction has been luke warm vs stone cold and knowing her moods very well, there is hope. :)
  2. Wow, this memory goes back to the late 60's early 70's but I guess it must be a good one if I still remember it. The transition from stockings to pantyhose was well entrenched so fewer and fewer ladies were wearing stockings. I was still in high school at the time and working at a hospital on weekends. A girl 3-4 years older was my immediate supervisor. We were very friendly towards each other and had a lot of flirting but for whatever reason nothing ever became of what I thought was a mutual interest. Anyway, she was a wearer of stockings and garter belts and she had the legs to wear them. When she was sitting I ofter had a glimpse of stocking welt, smooth silky thigh and garter straps. In fact, once when her and I were in the office alone she did catch me starring, and even looked down to see what I was starring at. Whoops!
  3. Totally agree. Is this really applicable or warrented?
  4. Applaud the correction and hopefully alignment at least on the proper terminology. Totally agree with your final conclusions.
  5. We're getting there, one step at a time. :)