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  1. Should I or shouldn’t I?

    All good advice, thank you! Agree it’s too dangerous but I can still fantasise....!
  2. Hi Rich, where are you in London? I’m in central London near the City. Julie (sssh lover)

  3. There’s a lady in my office. She’s very tall and slim and always wears high heels. Near my desk is a sort of cupboard where people hang up coats etc. She has a couple of pairs of heels in there and, when it was very quiet I had a quick look at them. They look my size (8) and I would love to borrow them and wear them while sitting at my desk. Getting caught would be highly embarrassing and I would have to leave immediately but the urge to wear them is growing, especially as I can see them all day long from my desk. They are black leather courts with a 4” heel and look lovely. So, what would you do?