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  1. I am old enough to remember back in the early/mid 1960's most teenage girls wore stockings & suspenders under there denim jeans.
  2. False Nails

    Like most I love to see ladies with painted nails and especially painted toe nails showing through stockings. I am a bit of a traditionalist and prefer the nails to be red in colour.
  3. Looking for Santa

    Stunning pictures. You only had to ask me I would have willingly come and re-fastened your rear suspenders.
  4. Wowee, thank you Lady G for posting all of the photos this year. Have a good Xmas.
  5. Car trouble

    Love the seams and high heels . You must have been cold though.
  6. Thanks Katie for these and all the other photo sets you have posted through out the year. Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2018.
  7. Lots of girls I knew in the 1960's always wore stockings under denim jeans as well as with a skirt or dress.
  8. I was also brought up in the era when stockings were always worn both by ladies and girls over 12 years old on a regular basis and the transition to tights didn't start until I was about 19, so they were just looked on as a normal piece (albeit special) of female attire. Mrs JS also wore stockings in her teenage years and I am lucky that she wears and has worn regularly since we got married in 1975.
  9. Some of you may think the title to be a little OTT for me (LOL) but joking apart many of us on these forums see fully fashioned stockings being the epitome of elegance and classiness to finish off a special outfit. However, it appears increasingly difficult to obtain this type of stocking in certain size/colour combinations from online suppliers like for example SHQ (I know that you can buy directly from Gio but these are usually more expensive both product and delivery) I know the manufacturing process is slow and labour intensive and there are 5 different heel designs but we do not find it easy to order size 10.5'' in either chocolate or black (point heel) on a regular basis, does this mean that there is a higher demand for such products, so, have you or your colleagues started wearing/re-wearing/wearing more frequently/buying several pairs when stock arrives to cause a shortage or are the manufacturers finding it difficult to keep up with demand?
  10. Ready to Party !

    Fabulous straight seams Sue.