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  1. Many thanks to all who have contributed to this discussion. I have enjoyed and learnt a lot.
  2. Yes. Me too. The last picture; interesting suspender clip.
  3. Yikes. I'll sit down while it doesn't hurt. Thanks Miss.
  4. Bad boys need a firm hand.
  5. Super. Not usually a fan of pink but you've converted me. Many thanks for sharing your pictures. Lovely legs
  6. Guilty. I was Miss. I can't help myself. Beautiful legs. Many thanks for sharing your pictures
  7. Golly gosh. Not good for my dicky ticker but a feast for the eyes. Many thanks for sharing your pictures. Love the upskirt shots and beautiful legs.
  8. I can identify with that 100% Thanks for sharing
  9. Super looking Many thanks for sharing your pictures
  10. Humm Interesting Many thanks Tops are quite low. On purpose?
  11. Flippin Eck! That woke me up. Looks near perfect to me. Can she touch her toes? Many thanks for sharing this
  12. Super Very very nice Hope to see more
  13. Golly gosh. I hope you have a safe word. Mind you, it may be difficult to speak if one of those objects is used. Lucky you Many thanks for sharing