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  1. About Me


    I have decided to leave the site. I've been thinking about it all week. I joined many years ago and came back in October 2017 I think it was.

    I'm spending too much time on the internet. I closed my Facebook page a few weeks ago and have never been happier. I came to find Facebook ridiculous, looking at photos of what people had for dinner and everyone trying to pretend they have a great life to be envious of, and those ridiculous pouting selfies drive me mad. They look like demented fish!

    This is the only other site I frequent and I'll miss chatting to some of you, although i won't miss the people that constantly barrage me with private messages day after day, week after week, month after month, can't you take a hint people? If you private message me for months on end and i don't answer you - what do you think that means? Why don't you take a trip down to Baker street and see if Sherlock can put you right!

    It's annoying and tantamount to stalking when I sign in and have to keep closing pm's for the first 5 minutes of each visit here - each and every time. I am being pm'd right now constantly by the same people that are making me leave this site in fact.

    Whilst i'm ranting :) ... Those of you that think it's OK to be rude and insulting to me whilst you're hunched over your desk tugging at your insufficient, microscopic cocks - and then have the audacity the next time you see me on here to keep messaging me asking if i'm annoyed with you - it's not, and i am. It's immature and ignorant and disrespectful to women. Take a look at yourself, your not stocking admirers, your perverts. Teasing and discussing the merits of stockings is one thing, begging me to talk dirty to you because you need a wank and think i'm a robot isn't what this site is about, you know who you are and you are single or ignored by your wives for the same reason... you think women are disposable pleasures and not human beings.

    It sounds like i'm losing it here lol but i am just annoyed with the few rotten apples. Some men on here are wonderful and I have had many long chats with them and have been very turned on in truth, but you others need to take a critical look at your own behaviour toward women and if you have the inner strength to see your flaws you might find someone lovely to share your life with... just a thought.

    To Michelle, Rikki and Mel thank-you for your kindness and I will miss you all greatly xx

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    2. samantha_d


      It's very sad for me. Thank-you so much for taking the time to be supportive, it's very kind x

    3. Michelle_CD


      Samantha, i completely understand your decision to take this course of action.  I pray that you find your inner peace and happiness in life. Your presents shall be missed.


    4. Rikki


      Samantha, sorry to read all the above but I fully understand and 100% support you. I hope you find more love and peace.

      Rikki xx