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  1. On a birthday lunch with my MIL and wife yesterday I was asked to find a table for coffee near a window so off I went and picked one with a view! At the table next to me was a woman and partner having a drink and I noticed this lady had sheer nylons on rather than the Opaques that are everywhere in Scotland and very nice above nee skirt no boots. I needed another chair and one was spare next to them so wandered over and asked for chair and was politely offered the chair and I thanked them. At this point I didn’t glance at the lady nylons but kept eyes firmly fixed in the chair task but got to say it wasn’t easy as it’s so unusual to see such a nice sight. Coffee arrived do chatting all round and every now and then I managed a quick glance and was well convinced that these nylons were tights so to be honest happy that some decent nylon was on show. After 30 mins we decided to leave and as I picked up my jacket I had another last wee glance and Wow!!! How wrong was I as the lady was looking over her shoulder and the skirt had risen up her leg and the most lovely black stocking top and suspender clip was on show. I was rather startled and she turned round and caught my eye and gave me the most wicked smile and slowly pulled down her skirt! I nodded and smiled to her and her partner was in his phone and didn’t see a thing. And neither did my wife or MIL. So moral is you just never know but keep looking folks, in Scotland,