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  1. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    I don’t know what you are so angry about, you have got what you wanted. Leave won the referendum and how it turns out is entirely on their heads. If Brexit in the end does not happen it will be because public opinion shifts the other way and the total failure of the Brexiteers to come up with a workable plan. Perhaps you can suggest one.
  2. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    You have a low opinion of Brexiteers.
  3. France

    They forgot the unicorns. What is life without golden unicorns?
  4. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    Hmm. Do Norway, Switzerland or Canada have a border with the Republic of Ireland. Even at this late date the Brexitators are reluctant to bother themselves with inconvenient details. It is looking more and more like the people of Northern Ireland may become ‘collateral damage’ in this fiasco.
  5. France

    Have you forgotten the poll tax riots, the Glen Coe massacre, the Battle of the Braes, the Troubles!!? What is this thread about?
  6. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    I wonder if there are any good options for the immediate future. A new vote to remain would leave half the country feeling robbed and angry. The threat from right wing extremism is a real one, UKip is already seeing the potential for growth by cosying up to Tommy Robinson. If austerity continues or gets worse after the Brex, as it surely must if the Tories survive, people will be looking for scapegoats and we know who they will be. At least we can be grateful our parliamentary system saves us from electing a far right extremist. we would have to vote for 326 of them first.
  7. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    Before the referendum there was much talk of Scotland having a second independence vote and applying to stay in the EU. That is still simmering and could come back. A poll taken in October found an increased majority for Remain in Scotland and even Wales had turned in favour of Remain. A new poll today shows a majority in Northern Ireland are now amenable to remaining in the customs union. This suggests they may be beginning to look towards Europe (and the republic) more than the UK. At present there is an open border between the UK and the Irish republic. After the Brex this would be an open back door into the UK for goods and migrants. As far as I know the prospect of a new hard border has not even been discussed yet. I wonder what colour the Welsh passports will be.
  8. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    Oh dear! Where to start? If the UK leaves the EU customs union there will be a hard border with customs checks (of some kind) between the Republic and Northern Ireland. The EU insists on this. The Good Friday peace agreement does not allow a hard border, this will put the peace at risk. Mrs May’s deal keeps NI in the customs union (sort of), this removes the hard border in Ireland but creates one between NI and mainland Britain (sort of). The Democratic Unionists, who hold the balance of power in Westminster, will not agree to this. Most of Northern Ireland’s trade is with GB or passes through the mainland en route to Europe. If Mrs May’s deal is rejected by parliament (best bet at present), and the UK Brexicates with no deal at all that must create a hard border in Ireland, by default. Solution 1. The whole UK remains in the customs union (cue revolution!). Solution 2. Cancel the Brex (cue revolution!). Joy without end.
  9. What are rules for except ‘ the adherence of fools’? Lawyers acting for several whistleblowers have argued there is a case to prosecute the main pro Brexit campaign Vote Leave which, they allege, used a smaller pro-Brexit youth group – BeLeave – to get around the £7million spending limit by making a £625,000 donation to BeLeave before the 2016 EU referendum. In a 50 page submission to the House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee they argue this money should have been declared as part of Vote Leave’s expenditure and have come forward with new allegations about how closely the two campaigns were linked. Lawyers for another whistleblower confirm that he was paid by Vote Leave to do web design and communications services for both campaign groups. Legal opinion submitted to the culture committee’s inquiry into fake news said: “We consider that there is a prima facie case that ... electoral offences were committed by Vote Leave in the EU referendum campaign and that these require urgent investigation so that consideration can be given to whether to refer the case to the Crown Prosecution Service for a decision on whether to prosecute.” Just a bit of sour-grapiness from the ever whinging remoaners? Or does it put the veracity of the referendum itself in doubt? Ministers B Johnson and M Gove have both spoken out in defence of Vote Leave. Mr Johnson described the claims as “utterly ludicrous”, Vote Leave “won fair and square – and legally”. After all, freeing us from nit-picking bureaucracy is what the Brexit is all about.