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  1. Weighing in on a subject

    No, it is because of overindulgence in socialist growth hormones; coming soon to a farmers market near you courtesy of the 17.4. There is some evidence that growth hormones can also lead to screaming, whooping and forgetting which way round your hat goes. More research is needed on this.
  2. Weighing in on a subject

    If 58% of those asked want fat people to pay more to fly then it must be done. But it must be done fairly. Put all the passengers on the scales together in a big bag, then no one will be singled out as ‘fat’, divide by the number of passengers to get the average weight. If that is heavier than the notional average ‘Briton’ charge them all equally per excess kilogram. Very democratic and no one can be accused of fatism. But, personally, it is not the weight I object to, it is the width.
  3. On this day

    On this day in 1926 Queen Elizabeth the second was born. A sad note, on this day in 1910 rumours of the death of Mark Twain were no longer exaggerated.
  4. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    Since the murder of Lyra McKee and warnings of a new generation of republican terrorists do the hard-line, no-deal Brexitologists still see no need for a plan? A while ago a frustrated Mr Rees-Mogg said there will be no hard border in Ireland because ‘no one wants one’. I suppose that will do then.
  5. What are rules for except ‘ the adherence of fools’? Lawyers acting for several whistleblowers have argued there is a case to prosecute the main pro Brexit campaign Vote Leave which, they allege, used a smaller pro-Brexit youth group – BeLeave – to get around the £7million spending limit by making a £625,000 donation to BeLeave before the 2016 EU referendum. In a 50 page submission to the House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee they argue this money should have been declared as part of Vote Leave’s expenditure and have come forward with new allegations about how closely the two campaigns were linked. Lawyers for another whistleblower confirm that he was paid by Vote Leave to do web design and communications services for both campaign groups. Legal opinion submitted to the culture committee’s inquiry into fake news said: “We consider that there is a prima facie case that ... electoral offences were committed by Vote Leave in the EU referendum campaign and that these require urgent investigation so that consideration can be given to whether to refer the case to the Crown Prosecution Service for a decision on whether to prosecute.” Just a bit of sour-grapiness from the ever whinging remoaners? Or does it put the veracity of the referendum itself in doubt? Ministers B Johnson and M Gove have both spoken out in defence of Vote Leave. Mr Johnson described the claims as “utterly ludicrous”, Vote Leave “won fair and square – and legally”. After all, freeing us from nit-picking bureaucracy is what the Brexit is all about.