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    I adore ladies who wear stockings and enjoy wearing them to feel good in themselves.
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    fully fashioned, RHT (all brands) and Pantyhose / tights that are good denier.... and sheer to waist.

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  1. Feet in nylon

    ******* ChilliBoy......another few for you, as you like this Lady so much her name is Ali... she has amazing legs and pretty feet in nylons and heels. MM!!
  2. Feet in nylon

    ******** A lady who is a photographic model ChilliBoy.... isn't she gorgeous.... Lives in London.
  3. Feet in nylon

    Another Friday.... lets hope it's a sunny day to end the working week...!! A time to relax...yes??
  4. Feet in nylon

    ****************** Great pics of Mrs 'S' many thanks for them.... !!
  5. It's been about 25 years!

    Interesting reading.... Hello all, I have been hesitating to post this as I am not sure if anybody could relate. I was thinking about the new year, the fact it’s 2019 and that about 25 years ago the grunge era took hold of fashion and pretty much killed hosiery. Yes, tights have become trendy here and there but us stocking guys have been living on bread and water now for a long time. This got me thinking to how I’ve changed since hosiery became less fashionable, both the good and the bad The good: I learned to admire middle aged and older ladies. Yes, before the whole MILF trend was ever a thing, I started to admire older ladies who still wore tights and stockings. They held onto the traditions they had while growing up or possibly due to professional responsibility and still wore pantyhose, tights and stockings. While my friends were chasing college aged girls our own age I was looking at their moms; it’s a little pervey actually! I also discovered that hosiery fetish existed well before my time. If it wasn’t for the fashion changes of the 90s I would have never discovered the works of Irving KIaw, the photos of Tempest Storm and Bettie Page; the work of Elvgren, Leg Show Magazine or my personal favorite Elmer Batters (Batters’ photos were like a visual representation of my soul). I wouldn’t have discovered fully fashioned or RHT nylons if it wasn’t for me discovering these early nylon pioneers. Last and most important, I truly appreciate Mrs Ratrob and how she wears stockings for me. I was young and we were just starting to date around this time; It’s not exactly like I didn’t appreciate this before but with the death of hosiery I learned to really, really appreciate her after. No one was wearing tights or stockings anymore and my wife did even when it wasn’t exactly the cutting edge of fashion. The bad: I had to admit that I had a stockings/tights/hosiery fetish. I always knew my sexuality was different even as a young man. My friends would be gawking over a pretty girl with a big bosom but I would like her nerdy friend who wore tights and would dip her cute feet in and out of her flats! While deep down I knew I was different I didn’t have to admit this until the 90s. I used to just say “I like cute girls who dress up!” because in those days dressing up always meant hosiery! Not so after the grunge era took over. Hosiery didn’t just fall out of fashion but women chose not to wear them as a modern day declaration of feminism; it was like the modern day bra burning that women gave up stockings and tights. At this time I remember naively thinking to myself, maybe I should find a new kink since stockings are going out of fashion. The problem is that it's not that easy to change and I couldn’t just let my hosiery fetish go. This all led to me find my fetish is ways I never intended; like finding porn. The internet age made this all the more accessible and this is something that I struggle with. There are a million online image of some pretty girl in stockings giving the camera a sexy look but I often miss the innocent days. Like when you would see a girl in real life kick off her shoes, put her stocking feet on the couch, or when a girl would cross her legs and reveal a slight bit of stocking top. Even with no nudity I found this sexier than any of the plentiful images we have today. I get that modern feminism has a right to say that hosiery is uncomfortable and that strong confident women don’t need to wear stockings for a man’s sake. What I don’t understand is how many of these modern day women will do liposuction, breast augmentation, or botox injections. Were stockings so bad? They weren't invasive procedures at least! I miss when women dressed more feminine and I feel like my sexuality has been dying a slow death. What is a leg man to do in the modern era? Long winded post and slightly depressing, so my apologies. I do appreciate Stockings HQ and the lovely ladies who do post here and share pictures. I feel like everybody here is keeping the romance of stockings alive! Thank you all. Great post. Quote Share this post Link to post Share on other sites Quote this
  6. Feet in nylon

    Another sunny day..... I hope it lasts ...!!
  7. Feet in nylon

    Another biker chick pic...!!
  8. Feet in nylon

    Another sunny day ...!!! Is spring here early??
  9. Feet in nylon

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I agree Black hose is so elegant......!!
  10. Fun in windsor

    Who is the Lady far left wearing Manhattan FF nylons?? So elegant..... and such gorgeous legs..!
  11. Feet in nylon

    ************************************************************************ Very nice..... love to see more of your gorgeous wife in nylons... have you bought her FF ones yet?? ************************************************************************ Some like these are so nice....!!
  12. I wonder who enjoys a ladies nylon feet?