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    I adore ladies who wear stockings and enjoy wearing them to feel good in themselves.
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    fully fashioned, RHT (all brands) and Pantyhose / tights that are good denier.... and sheer to waist.

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  1. Feet in nylon

    Here you are 'J'..... Ala ... close up of her pretty feet in sheer nylons.
  2. Feet in nylon

    I'll have a search 'J'..... how about a few wrinkles to keep you interested???lol
  3. Feet in nylon

    By request, you know who your are?? This is for you mate...!!! Ala is so gorgeous.... and such perfect legs and feet in sheer nylon....!!
  4. Feet in nylon

    Many thanks Colonel...... It'd only as good as the input for which I heartily thank you all.
  5. Salute To the Forties

    Thank you so much for the wonderful photos of Katie, especially the ladder shots on HMS Cavalier.... brings back many memories of days when ships were open to visitors when I was serving.... a wonderful sight Katie .
  6. Feet in nylon

    Many thanks Ms Lipstix for posting such a gorgeous photo of your gorgeous lags and pretty feet in such elegant nylons. XX
  7. Please pose for more photos like this... you are such a gorgeous Lady Antonia xx
  8. Stockings shoot

    Lynn, You always look amazing in what ever you have ..on or off... I always like to see you in nylons though..!! Kind wishes Alex XX
  9. Feet in nylon

    Thank you Mr ST.... MrsST looks amazing as always, and this is a first fro me..never seen 'front seams before....!!
  10. Feet in nylon

    Thank you so much for your lovely photo Lynn, I have always admired you over many years and hope to have a photo session one day and take my own shots of your gorgeous legs and feet in FF nylons...x Kindest wishes to hubby as well as you, so glad he likes the 'Thread'..... Alex...
  11. Chatroom

    It's missing this morning as well??
  12. Feet in nylon

    Gorgeous elegant 'LONG LEGS' has kindly donated/ given permission for this gorgeous photo to be added to this thread for all to admire and enjoy ..... Thank you so much Ms LONG LEGS you are such a gorgeous and elegant Lady.
  13. Reciprocated Heel

    Nice to know the terminology of nylon stockings, thank you.
  14. Feet in nylon