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  1. Stockings Anne is a fake account

    Single or not, you're still showing a selfish attitude towards other people's contributions by condoning the misuse of their pics, just as long as you get your fix, irrespective of any trouble it may cause. That's why many couples that used to contribute are no longer active here........
  2. Stockings Anne is a fake account

    Except that one side has been verified by other members through meeting in person, which does rather give them the edge on the argument, wouldn’t you say?
  3. Stockings Anne is a fake account

    Having had some of our pics “reused” in the past, we can assure you that private messages do no good at all, anyway, the real owners of the pictures stolen by stockings Anne weren’t abusive in any way, but were very upset when it was pointed out to them about the misuse. Some of us weren’t taken in by stockings Anne’s post, nor the following one alleging that it’d ruined their marriage when they were called out for their indiscretions.....
  4. Stockings Anne is a fake account

    Easy for you to say as a single man, it’s that kind of attitude that’s stopping couples from posting pics and why we’ve taken all ours down.......
  5. Mr Bigham, if your wife is a lovely as you say, shouldn’t you have a picture of her as  your profile pic instead of one of Mrs Stort?

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    2. Mr Pi
    3. wifeingios


      Well said Mrs Stortford, call them out.

    4. wife wears

      wife wears

      well said Mr S. After seeing your gorgeous wife for real it annoys me people think they have the right to steal your pics

  6. Stockings Anne is a fake account

    Have you not seen the post from the real owners of the pics posted by “stockings Anne” in the Risky Flashing forum as hers, asking for them to be removed, which rather proves that the account is fake?
  7. Risky flashing

    You're quite right Notts, those pictures do indeed belong to Demon Legs, who we know from another site, and they're obviously not happy at all that their pics have been misused by "Stockings Anne".........