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    Haven't posted for a while, hope there is still an audience for the mature sexy lady
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    Off to a party tonight in a country mansion 🍷 - wife wearing her CdR Sevilla libero with this outfit... what do you think ?
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    I took Grandma out last night with my trusty Nikon. She was dressed to impress. Not sure if anyone else was impressed but I certainly was. 🙂
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    i think my heels need cleaning, x
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    a little black with tan
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    Haven't done any tights pics for a while. Bought these thinking they were STW but not so. Let me know if you like and will post some more? Minnie x
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    Oh dear Mrs R is lifting her her skirt again
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    Don't think the sheer top helped me stay under radar. X
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    Hmmmm, so I am heading towards a ‘big’ birthday in a couple of weeks time and I know my dear hubs has something lined up for us in celebration, but this got me reflecting on birthdays past and my 57th which was three years ago, came to mind as we stayed in a wonderful but very posh hotel in London’s Mayfair area. These are two of the photos taken by a friend of ours on that stay; hope you like them. Sue x
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    H announced it was National Nylon Stockings Day today when i got in off the school run, she thought she’d treat me and vicariously you lucky lot to some Gio point heel seams
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    Am Few pictures before we went into town
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    That wasn’t the only bone in the room
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    Mrs Rs elastic has gone again 😜
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    A weekend away in France with friends gave Mr Leggy ample opportunities to photograph Leggybird wearing her gorgeous Navy Gio FF s in public . ps . The waiter was a little distracted wouldn’t you say 😉
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    Out at the heart of the shires shopping village nr northampton yesterday.
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    Don’t lose hope. Mrs B always wears to weddings and we have one coming up in Glasgow in August so there’ll 100% be some seams on display that day. These were both taken at weddings we’ve been to.
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    A few more of the black leather skirt but with a plain white blouse this time.
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    This is not much of a stretch... “Black“
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    A couple from our last trip to the Opera in NYC.
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