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    Latest RHT picture posted. Hope you like. Lynn x
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    Back from a short break. New Tights post, next will be stockings. Lynn x
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    hope u like them, thanks to everybody who left comments on the last pics, much appreciated . xx
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    First time for my wife giving me a small flash
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    Yet again, request for pictures of me wearing stockings on my hands and knees... Happy to oblige. Something at the weekend for the tights minority. Lynn x
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    Not that these were about to fall anywhere whilst suspended by 10 straps!
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    im thinking maybe some pictures tomorrow
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    You have to find something to occupy your time on a wet day on holiday in the caravan .................................
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    Perfect Saturday night in
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    thanks to everybody who took the time to comment its very much appreciated xx
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    not a colour i normally wear, hope u like them x
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    What a brilliant weekend, a stockings meet in Birmingham and then to Cardiff yesterday to watch the Wales -Australia game ... recovery today ! Lol xx
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    Long time forum member, first time poster. Just a tentative toe in the water as fortysomethings can be a bit shy. Thought it would be fun to stir up that 'is she wearing stockings or tights?' debate yet again 😖🙂 RGB
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    As we go into tomorrow, I think we should think about those that gave their lives in wars to give us the ability to enjoy forums such as this one. We should not only remember the men that gave their lives, but also the women that gave their lives as well. Especially those that worked as spies and got intelligence back to the forces here in the UK as to what was happening with the enemy forces in Europe during WW2 or flew the planes from the production line facilities to the squadrons that required those planes.
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    Back in York for a few days. My hasn’t the temperature changed!