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    Follow on pic from our previous "silhouette in Cervin Capri's post".
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    Its a question that's often pondered here, tights or stockings? Lou is never one for lengthy debate so when I posed the question she answered in her own inimitable style. "Sod it, lets do both at once" Heres a few results of Lous layered approach to Stockings and tights, it works for me. Does it do it for you? I have added a few more in Lou's gallery if your still trying to decide.
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    Myself and Mrs FridayCouple on a windy day in an apple orchard ....
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    After a nice evening out in the Cotswolds it was lovely to stop and have a wander through the woods.....
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    Who doesn't like a bit of navy blue?
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    Linda seams straight? To save confusion Linda is aware of things
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    Here's a couple more, hope you like!
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    Was at a friend's wedding last week and thought I should give those in the car park a little flash... Linda 💋💋
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    I'm curious thoughts on what should be my next snapshots?
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    not much to it really, just all black. x
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    Couple of quick pics of Mrs TC whilst out this week.
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    We love this out fit what do you think
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    Mrs leeboy's first time.
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    Mrs leeboy amongst the flowers
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    We are on our semi-annual pilgrimage to Lost Wages and MrsSummertime tried on her new polka dot frock.
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    With the favourable responses to yesterdays post http://forum.stockingshq.com/index.php?/topic/44078-a-layered-approach-tights-and-stockings/ and as Winter is just around the corner. Lou is considering the layered style for her next meet. Nylon all the way so to speak and it may save a few drafts when the flashing begins. Ive added some more shots from the layered shoot to Lous albums. Next meet being planned soon, cant wait for the admirers reactions.
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    Zoe wearing a pair of stockings she received as a gift!
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    Doesn't seem to be a usual combination, but we took a few when the weather was a tad better than it is now in UK!:
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    Hi all, Some pictures taken last winter. It's too hot in France for the moment, and my wife can't wear stockings. Waiting for automn and winter to see her legs with french nylons. Enjoy and have a nice Sunday.
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    Thank you all for the great comments, one very nice community on here. Here's the other one my husband couldn't get on....enjoy Mrs leeboy x
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    Mrs leeboy's flowers....again... sorry guys picture files to big so you will have to have them individually 🙄
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    Quick leg shot as I was getting undressed to use the gym in my office.
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    How many of you love when a women accents her pantyhose and stockings with a thong?
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    Just on our way to lytham 1940s weekend
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    As requested, one from the front
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    Haven't posted in forever...figured I'd do my share to contribute. Here are some photos from recent evenings.
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    Weekend away.
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    Hi not posted for some time maybe the eagle eyed can spot the bumps through my animal print pencil skirt!! m x
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