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    Cheeky or brave? What do you think? What should I tell him? Jen xx
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    And will be wearing these beauties... Anyone about? Jen xxx
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    Ive just added an album of photos to my gallery that have not been posted here before xxx
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    Queens head frodsham, very busy saturday afternoon, difficult to get a decent pic.
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    Quiet shopping last night.
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    After a recent and wonderful midweek break at the coast with lots of wearing and flashing. Lou is now planning a special City break to celebrate my birthday. London looks favourite at the moment and hopefully will be even better than our last outing where much fun was had. Lou is keen to be seen out and about in her stockings again, perhaps some readers might catch a sight of her in London soon.
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    Lots Of Unsuspecting Drivers On THe M1...... Sue Xx
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    Giorgio girolami63 could you please remove my photo that you are using your profile photo please .. Katiesheer
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    I hope you don't mind a few contributions to this great topic.
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    I'm sure nurses never dressed this way unless it was a "special" kind of hospital ;)