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    Its seems SHQ gifting service has worked most efficiently :) Cant wait to try on !
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    For some reason hubby's focussing on Pantyhose this weekend. Hopefully I can change that later. Hope the new posts is OK for the pantyhose minority. Lynn x
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    One for the Pantyhose minority and mild bondage fans. Hubby on a bit of a go slow, so next post will Monday. Lynn x
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    Miserable day in Cheshire. Hope my new posts brighten things up a little. Lynn x
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    A few members have asked for pictures from my previous private shoots showing the photographer. Hope this one is OK. Lynn x
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    What I need is a woman in stockings sitting on my lap ! .....now, where to find one 😳
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    Your have to get a PVC mini skirt to match the heels , but its better with black stockings I think