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    A little Tan line ... But , i thought i was more than covered up ... And protected from the Glare .. But it Seams , i wasn’t straight ... In the General run of things ... That my Tan line , was in fact OK , don’t you think ?...
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    I hope you don't mind a woman posting here. My husband is a below the waist wearer, he often wears a girdle(OBG) full cut nylon knickers and stockings under his trousers and sometimes if he has been good to bed with me. do any of you have similar relation ships with your wives? Andrea1950
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    Happy Xmas Stocking to follow after baubles
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    More charity bargains Thank god for Amazon collection boxes Don't have to take them.home just post them
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    Xmas eve party basque bought Charity bargain
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    Kitty bought these black Eleganti nylons for Mouse and she loves the feel of them on her smooth legs, Anyone else love these nylons? Kitty & Mouse xx