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    As requested, just plain stockings … sorry about the shoes. Lynn x
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    I Think you will all know by now that im more of a outdoor girl when it comes to having my picture taken. But sometimes the weather does play havoc with my hair,but actually the rest of me looks quite good,dont you think? Sue Xx
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    Not her usual fatal tights but still hot 🥵
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    Sheoves wearing tights and pantyhose.
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    full fashioned pantyhose this is one of my favorite outfits to flirt in
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    i love these boots, hope u like them x
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    This is whats under the skirt ;)
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    Fab subject so horny when done! Some very sexy submissions !!
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    Not The most lady like way of getting out of the car!!! But Still seamed Popular mmmmmmm Sue Xx
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    On our way to Lincoln, steam powered.
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    Looking for some feedback from tights/pantyhose lovers. Most that know me know I'm a huge fan of ff nylon stockings, but occasionally I also love to wear seamless/seamfree tights, but trying to find really nice brands is a bit of a nightmare. Yes, Wolford Ftal 15 is one I've worn and I've recently been into the newer Golden Lady Seamfree ones. Does anyone have any more brand recommendations for me? Here's a pic of me in Golden lady tights (censored):
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    I absolutely love reinforced toes on my stockings and pantyhose
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    Hi, modelling some new gear bought by G for me
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    Loved having to bend over the chair for Master_Pete to take the shot... Jen. Xx
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    Steve Maddens on holiday ...........
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    the 80's were an era of many, many styles of pantyhose. lot's of patterns textures. i remember one pair i had that had a design of flowers going up the side.
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    tell me what your favourite colour is. be interesting to see what wins, below are black, barely black, tan, bronze. and chocolate, not necessarily in that order