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    Getting ready for a night out in London.
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    Comments if u think she should get the job or more would you like to see some more pictures or send us your photo cv
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    Stockings in blackpool weekend away with some friends top of the tower R & J
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    Just before going down for dinner
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    Hi. Just a few pictures from our initial photo shooting session some time ago :) I am blessed having my wonderful Mrs NyloNova. Really happy that she equally enjoys having a "Nylon Game" as much as myself. Hope you like it. .:Gio FF Cuban Heel:. They are magic!
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    This picture has been in my gallery for a while - just thought I'd share it on the main forum ...
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    Me just in heels, stockings and suspenders on Friday evening. This (plus a thong) is what I had worn under my work outfit and after a few relaxing glasses of white wine hubs took a few pics and this is one. Hope people like, Margx.
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    My thoughts had struggled to stray from last nights events all day . The tube back was quieter but still couldn't have gone slower . As I entered the reception, after another gruelling day in negotiation, the aroma of No.5 hit my nostrils . Bella was here ,,, somewhere.... 'Buona sera, richiederete un tavolo al ristorante stasera?' queried the receptionist . 'Yes please.' I glibly responded ,my mind elsewhere and my eyes scouring the reception for the source of the perfume . Food was the last thing on my mind right now . 'Farlo per due.' I added . Ice some Falanghina as well please . Then ,as if in response to the sound of my voice, Bella exited the side lobby . She strutted across reception with a killer confidence and those heels played the pied piper's tune . 'A che ora ?' Bellowed the receptionist .....but it was too late ,I was spell bound again and following with assiduity .
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    For those members who showed an interest in our profile photo. H&H x
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    Popped out for a pint
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    Hi all, First time my shy, retiring wife has allowed me to post. She sent me this picture last week, with the caption "please hurry home. I'm sure with enough compliments she will pose for more....
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    A lovely day to be by the seaside. Well a lovely weekend to be exact. Sheringham 1940's weekend. Thought I would take a moment to look out to sea to find my sailor.......are you out there? Sx https://www.flickr.com/photos/sticky-fingers/37121041966/in/dateposted-public/
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    Seems you liked previous post, another one for your delight
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    Hi all I did eventually buy some shoes Couldn't decide on the black or natural so got both!! Maybe you can help me decide which are the best M
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    So this is the last of the set. I'm sure with plenty of +ve comments I will be allowed to share more! Had a night out a few months ago with mrs C wearing these seams with gorgeous purple satin knickers and a skirt that probably showed too much judging by the pictures!
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    The skirt that is but , it just kept creeping up .....
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    Brie is dressing for success...but is she being too overtly sexual? You be the judge...
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    After clearing out the galleries due to pics having run their course, I have received some very supportive PM's and requests. Hubby and I have decided to take a break but due to some lovely messages here is some requested pic's from an old gallery. We will keep checking in to see if there is any interest and reply to any PM's, maybe be inspired by any suggestions or requests but for now enjoy and have fun with seams. Kisses Mrs Funseams XX
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    A visit to a pub for dinner and drinks was a very pleasant experience for those lucky enough to be around
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    She'd definitely get to 2nd round, then the final interview.... and probably get the job, although I will definitely need to see a LOT more pictures.... and see if she can reach the top shelf and the bottom shelf. May I submit this though: Rikki XX
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    Sadly now gone - boo hoo Lou Lou !
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    A very kind SHQ member recently sent me a pair of gio's in a colour that i had'nt tried before. The colour is spice so here's a few pics let me know what you think of them. Sue Xx
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    Some minor works out doors inspected buy Lady Jane Chocolate Cuban Gio's size 9
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    Seeing as some picked up on the spelling mistake as ask for bottom shelf
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    After Mrs NW read all the complimtary replies, well all bar one, she sent me this to post , and for you to enjoy
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    Out of the office for a little lunch date...
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    So dinner is on and we are for a drink
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    Hi all, Something happened yesterday which I thought some may want me to share here. I was asked to view a property on behalf of a couple of friends.....just for a second opinion really on jobs that would need to be done.... they also requested that I take a few pics of the required work to be done on my phone so they could haggle these into the price. Lovely rustic old property, and boy was I in for a treat from the estate agent who met me there to guide me around! I arrived ten minutes early to be greeted outside by a blonde lady smartly dressed in a skirt suit, heels and certainly wearing some kind of nylon on her legs in a greyish colour. The photos are a bit blurred and 'as they happened' so the quality may not be great.
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    A quick note to wish you all a Happy Fri-yay from my young lady, who loves to see the high esteem in which she is deservedly held by the discerning admirer.
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    We chose a place where the staff are friendly, the chairs comfy and a big patio where Jane has to walk into the bar in full view before getting seated
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    What do you do while the roast is cooking lady Jane and I headed out to a bar for pre dinner drinks Outfit chosen
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    Need a bar where we can relax and enjoy a quiet drink
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    I wriggled and wriggled , trying to bring that hem down to a reasonable length ....
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    Was it a dream or was it real J
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    i hope your going to show some self control this time !
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    Hi everyone. Thanks for the great comments on my last post. Here are some pics of me heating things up in downtown Vegas...if you want to see more, visit my flickr page. https://www.flickr.com/photos/139671595@N04/ Wow, you guys must have had enough of my teasing.....
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    Thanks for your opinions I actually kept the natural shoes on Although I did remove my skirt.........!!
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    Out on the town this evening (Costa Blanca North), first outing in stockings since Spring (apparently too hot in summer), but not sure which ones. Choices are (all contrast seam and heel), natural with point heel, light grey with Cuban heel or neutral with Cuban heel. Any suggestions?
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    Not 'the loca'l but a nice bar for relaxing
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    Morning/afternoon/ evening (delete as appropriate 😊 everyone, All well with you I hope. As a newbie here I wonder whether you would mind me asking for feedback on this image - one of many - of my young lady in all of her finery? As you may be able to gauge from my profile, all comments will be gratefully received and compliments happily fed back to their subject. B
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    The Boss is keeping his eye on me , i dont really want to break the dress code , do i ? ...