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    Cheeky or brave? What do you think? What should I tell him? Jen xx
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    And will be wearing these beauties... Anyone about? Jen xxx
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    Quiet shopping last night.
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    I notice that every now and then folk here post about such meetings and, until recently Mrs HC tended to laugh off any suggestion from me that we try such an experience. However, when I showed her a message we received (from another site) she surprised me by showing a willingness to give it a try so we arranged to meet up with the gentleman one evening at a busy pub "somewhere south of the M25" Initially she was a tad nervous but the he was very polite and respectful and, after a few glasses of wine we were all very relaxed - in fact towards the end of our evening my normally very conservative wife was becoming quite flirty! Anyway no need to bore folk with further details (message me if curious...lol..) but the upshot was we agreed a further meeting and a drive home with a wife who suddenly realised that what I had been telling her was true......elegant attractive ladies over 45 are not invisible at all
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    After a recent and wonderful midweek break at the coast with lots of wearing and flashing. Lou is now planning a special City break to celebrate my birthday. London looks favourite at the moment and hopefully will be even better than our last outing where much fun was had. Lou is keen to be seen out and about in her stockings again, perhaps some readers might catch a sight of her in London soon.
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    Lots Of Unsuspecting Drivers On THe M1...... Sue Xx
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    I hope you don't mind a few contributions to this great topic.
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    I'm sure nurses never dressed this way unless it was a "special" kind of hospital ;)
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    Just got back from the Heels and Seams Spring Ball, what a great event and thank you so much to the organisers, I am sure this event will grow and grow. It was good to meet up with old friends and to meet some new H&S members...... See below a couple of photos taken prior to the Ball in which we attempted to break the world record for how many stockings clad ladies you can get on one bed ! lol During the afternoon I teamed up with my good friend Mrs Fridaycouple for two photoshoots ..... one set of us getting ready for the Ball and the second set enjoying the hotels sporting faclilities for a game of tennis ! we didnt have the correct sportswear but im sure SHQ members wont mind ! lol Complete sets from the two photoshoots will be posted later this week .. Katie xx
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    Older sister. Cute, and sexy clothes, including stockings. Found her knicker drawer, almost by accident, and never looked back !