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    After Manchester derby was off to the city to meet up with uncle who is 10 years younger than me Great night
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    More charity bargains Thank god for Amazon collection boxes Don't have to take them.home just post them
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    Xmas eve party basque bought Charity bargain
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    Today's outfit to go around salford
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    Happy Xmas Stocking to follow after baubles
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    Some people don't know how to behave Anna, there is never an appropriate time to be disrespectful. There are a few gentlemen around still, keep the faith, we are not a l that bad! Tony
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    Just checking in after such a long long time. I hope all my friends are well.
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    Great to have you back on here young Lady and looking as curvealiscious as ever. Seams you had a great time away for your Anniversary. Hope that riding crop was used to full effect. KtF J