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    Two new posts. Both requested. Hope you like. Lynn x
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    For some reason hubby's focussing on Pantyhose this weekend. Hopefully I can change that later. Hope the new posts is OK for the pantyhose minority. Lynn x
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    One for the Pantyhose minority and mild bondage fans. Hubby on a bit of a go slow, so next post will Monday. Lynn x
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    A few members have asked for pictures from my previous private shoots showing the photographer. Hope this one is OK. Lynn x
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    Hi looked at your pics...…. fabulous your pics in the kitchen are beatifull, Carolinexxx
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    What I need is a woman in stockings sitting on my lap ! .....now, where to find one 😳
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    Sequence of pictures from last night at The Chilli Banana in Knutsford. Not my usual post but thought you might find it interesting. Sorry pantyhose minority, busy this afternoon, so no post until the weekend. Lynn x