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    I very much agree with Katie. When I see the work that began three weeks ago on Kidderminster Station at the SVR to convert the concourse and platform into a 1940's scene with an old shop, and living room from the 40s, and the air raid precautions and facilities for ARP wardens and Anderson shelter, all rerected in place for their event at the end of June, you can see that the aim is NOT just a venue for spotting stocking seams. The station when converted into a 1940's scene has a far greater use, as it is visited by classes from local schools to show them how life was in 1940's when Our Islands were under attack, and the sacrifices made by their forefathers to keep our country a free English speaking nation. Of course the three weeks at Kidderminster Station as a 1940's scene is only the tip of the iceberg that is the planning and organisation by the Railway and all the visiting re-enactors into an event that lasts over two weekends and attracts thousands of visitors to the area. NylonBil SVR Member.
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    It seems that people are missing the true meaning of these amazing 40’s events that are staged around the country by turning them Into stockings sightings events ! we attend many of these events and there is far more going on than just to get a sighting of a pair of legs in seams ! Katie....
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    New gallery added, if positive response there are more to be added