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    Today's nylons on coach to Toulouse with a young 20s guy plus new friends on coach trip
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    Wednesday and first night in own bed for over ten days. Tho after copious amounts of alcohol yesterday after getting home still awake. Thanks to my lad giving me a welcome home with pub lunch and then cooked evening meal
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    Just wanted to say hello to any in room who may remember me. Still can"t get back into the room. I am told it's because of my computer (HP Chromebook)but,,,who know ,,maybe someday. anyhow..hope you are all well....Kathy
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    Just love the detail on these Black FF Manhattan Stockings
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    Travelling to Toulouse on last leg of journey. Going to take part in glam shoot with two other glam mature ladies. Maybe a couple glassrs of wine first. And looking forward to Tuesday when I get home
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    On way home and looking forward to it after great coach holiday.
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