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    Hi everybody, I've never done anything like this before but I thought it might be quite fun to post a few pictures on one of the threads here and see if I get a nice reaction. By way of background, I'm recently separated and have joined the complicated world of "internet dating". I'd been chatting to a guy on-line for a couple of weeks and finally plucked up the courage to accept his request for a date. He said he liked a lady in a leather skirt and black stockings and that he found ankle chains very sexy. With all this in mind I booked a local hotel and chose this outfit………. Hope you all like the look as much as he did! Alice x P.S. I never realised just how difficult it is to line up and take pictures of yourself Ax
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    Minnie getting cheeky!
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    Lou's journey on SHQ is relatively short compared to some SHQ stalwarts but hopefully everyone has enjoyed her contribution of showing off nylons and lingerie. Lou tends to do best at wearing and showing leaving the admin to me (Seamstruck) a tough job I know but I wouldn't give it to anyone else. So it is that Lou has asked me to pass on a few words about how much she has enjoyed the SHQ experience. Its not that Lou is of a shy disposition but it was with some anxiety and trepidation that she first agreed to post some of her images on SHQ galleries. She just couldn't believe that anyone would be interested or find them good enough to comment on. Thanks to all forum members for all the encouraging compliments that gave her the enthusiasm to carry on. It has opened up a whole new fun world for Lou. Of course she enjoys reading all the messages and kind compliments, she still remained sceptical until we took the opportunity to meet a couple of gentlemen admirers. Lou was astonished that the guys would be prepared to give up their time and travel just to enjoy a chat over drinks and of course have some obligatory stockings viewing. Our meets with genuine admirers have become a regular event now. Lou really looks forward to a meet now with both established and new admirers. It really has been a delightful experience and without exception every guy we have met has been a genuine stockings admirer and true gents every one of them. Another thrilling aspect of Lou's SHQ journey was when she was astonished to start receiving gifts of stockings and lingerie through the post. With typical Lou enthusiasm she rewarded each and every kind gesture of a gift with a dedicated photo shoot to show her appreciation. It certainly keeps the Seamstruck admin and photographic department busy, I can assure you. Preparations are well under way for another meet next week, hopefully there will be some fun photos to follow from that. Meanwhile to keep the cogs oiled Ive included a few pics here of Lou modelling some of her gratefully accepted gifts to show her appreciation of the very warm welcome she continues to enjoy from all the wonderful SHQ forum members. Thanks from Lou 💋
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    I enjoy my work and don't mind going, after all Lou's welcome home is never far from my mind. Lou is a girl that certainly knows how to put on a welcome and put on stockings and heels and sensual lingerie. Heres a taste of Lou's hospitality from earlier in the week. Preparing the welcome. Just in time to answer the door and welcome me in. Mind the step, we don't need any accidents. Welcome home, hope you had a good day. Its just about to get better. Lets skip dinner. Its always good to come home, Im considering going out more often just for the welcome back. Now that's what I call a room with a view.
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    I was out in town over the weekend
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    Its been a long while since we've posted on here so I thought I'd share a little pic of mine we took a few weeks back during a weekend break.. enjoy!
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    It was my birthday recently, & Mrs Legs asked me what present I'd like. I told her I'd always fancied an outdoor photo shoot, & she duly obliged. Here are some pictures taken in a local nature park.
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    Can't help ourselves, love Barely Blacks!
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    Trousers on a woman, the shock, the horror...
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    I've got some more pictures showing what's underneath. Would you like to see? ☺️
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    A few pictures of Mrs Rob boy getting ready to go out
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    My current stockings of the moment FiORE Sensual Madam with Red Contrast Seam. Minnie
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    Love wives in stockings and have to say Wxw's wife is an absolute stunner in this outfit
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    Ready for a night out on the town.
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    Mrs TC wanted to pose in a pair of FiORE Sensual 20 deniers and I couldn't resist getting the camera out (i don't need an excuse TBH).
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    Black Gio's with red lingerie, a killer combination don't you think? M x
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    Went out last night for some Turkish cuisine. Wife decided on natural stockings rather than her usual seamless tights 👍🏼 What do you think?
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    Thanks to everybody for all the encouragement, here's another picture I managed to take. Alice x
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    Little black dress on Saturday morning. As ever, respectful comments please ?
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    Going out to a Las Vegas show. she is always dressed proper for the occasion 🥰
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    Maybe not to everyone's taste but Mrs TC does like fishnets occasionally.
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    Hi guys, just like to let you see a taster of my latest Flickr pics... please enjoy.. https://www.flickr.com/photos/qslguys57/albums Linda x
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    Does anyone else like layering? Mouse tried it the other night and really loved the way the stockings slid over the tights ‘’think we might have to try this again
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    The blue Danube by Johann Strauss was playing too ,try and imagine 😂
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    Can’t beat a red girdle with black stockings...
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    Spending a few days in Chesterfield shortly, does anyone know any pubs / bars where my good lady wouldn't look too out of place wearing her seamed stockings (this kind of outfit)
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    A few years ago, back from a meal out. 
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    Fire 999 shows the cats got the cream tonight
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    Went for a drive and took the camera along.
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    It seams (ha) there are several pics of this lady, usually wearing an apparently see-through dress - often at retro/vintage events. Some pics look to be ridiculously over exposed (bleached), but most - just remarkably daring! So, is she known to anyone here, are there any other pics and has anyone else been this risque?
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    Hope you like this set of Mrs TC, there's a few to show but here are 6. Thanks very much for your support.
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    Thanks again to everybody for all their kind compliments, It was pretty tricky taking the pictures but since this is a site for buying, viewing and showing stockings here's a glimpse of my stocking tops and suspenders. Alice x
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    A couple more from this session
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