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    A little Tan line ... But , i thought i was more than covered up ... And protected from the Glare .. But it Seams , i wasn’t straight ... In the General run of things ... That my Tan line , was in fact OK , don’t you think ?...
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    Not sure how productive I turned out to be https://www.flickr.com/photos/161208208@N08/with/38815264922/
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    If we drove past would you be able to see this from your cab, or would i have to pull over at a lay-by??
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    Had a great weekend in Benidorm, couple of pics, quality not too good though:
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    You guys really made my day with all your wonderful comments on my last post, so here is another set of photos I took the other night (December 1). Hope you all enjoy! Love, Brie... PS: Click on the image twice to see the full-size picture.
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    Kitty bought these black Eleganti nylons for Mouse and she loves the feel of them on her smooth legs, Anyone else love these nylons? Kitty & Mouse xx
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    My girls last night at party. Still had same top on this morning when room service came. Pun intended
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    After Manchester derby was off to the city to meet up with uncle who is 10 years younger than me Great night
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    More charity bargains Thank god for Amazon collection boxes Don't have to take them.home just post them
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    Xmas eve party basque bought Charity bargain
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    Mouse has a thing for blue nylons as you can see from the pic, anyone else like their nylons in a different colour ? Kitty & Mouse
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    Today's outfit to go around salford