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  2. The discussion forums are the flagship of the site. However, new visitors can be put off by the sheer (a pun, haha) volume of contributions and not quite know where to start. Forum topics and aims The six forums have different aims and objectives, but the same rules. Here's a breakdown of what they cover: The main forum: This is the best place to discuss all generic stockings issues including their cultural significance, place in society, and general chat about anything not covered elsewhere! The main forum is frequently hilarious, occasionally bad-tempered, but always compelling. Do not be afraid to join in, but please bear in mind the general posting rules, below! The international forum: This is for all non-English language posts. It's a bit like the main forum but in Spanish, French, German, Norwegian, Italian, Swedish, etc. Please remember - views expressed in all of the forums are those of the individual contributor - not those of Stockings HQ! The outfits/sightings forum: Spotted stockings in the high street? Or just dressing to impress? This is the place to see and be seen! The product forum: This is the forum to discuss and give feedback on specific brands and styles of stockings and associated items of clothing. The male issues forum: This is the place for men who wear stockings to discuss the issues that arise. It is not a seedy pick-up joint! Explicit messages and pornographic fantasies will be deleted, and user names and IP numbers banned. Please be considerate. The off-topic forum: What's in a name? Ironically nothing is off-topic in the off-topic forum, with the usual caveats about not posting anything libellous, defamatory, obscene or illegal. General posting guidelines In general the forums are self-regulating although there are admins to step in when things get out of hand. There are very few guidelines and very few subjects are taboo. However, to ensure the smooth running of the site there are a few basic guidelines we ask you to observe. DO NOT post anything illegal, obscene, defamatory or libellous. Similarly, do not post anything which breaches the copyright of another. DO NOT post cross dressing or outfit/sightings messages in the main forum. There is a place for those further down the corridor. Do not post pantyhose sightings in the sightings forum as you're kind of missing the point. DO NOT reply to your own post just in order to bump it back up to the top of the page. If there's nothing new to add, please use the private message system instead. Stockings HQ isn't an adult site, so we ask that you don't post adult material. However please do not raise the thorny of subject of stockings worn by girls under the age of 18 as you will be deleted! Please respect other people who take time to contribute. We are all here for one reason: a love of classic hosiery. Heated debate is good but off-topic personal abuse has no place on Stockings HQ and will be deleted. Please report any offensive messages you see by clicking on the "Repost Post" link at the end of it. Remember, views expressed are those of the individual contributor, and not necessarily those of Stockings HQ. We reserve the right to delete messages that could cause us trouble! By posting a message you assign rights to reproduce it in any form to Stockings HQ. Occasionally messages on a similar thread are edited together to form articles for display elsewhere on the site. Please report any problems immediately by using the "report post" function (a button on the right hand side at the bottom of posts) and tell us, very briefly, what the problem is. In an emergency please call the warehouse on 01462 677970. Please remember: those who break the rules may well have their messages deleted and/or have their account closed and IP number blocked. To keep yourself safe, we advise you not to put your personal contact information on the forums, or to give it out to others. If you do, please follow sensible safety precautions. That's it! This page will be amended from time to time but it is never supposed to be onerous. Enjoy the forums and share the passion! To make it clear these rules are set by the site owner and I have just copied and pasted.
  3. covered marshmallow fancies...
  4. Foolscap...
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  6. My friend, Morphman, and I are going to the Vegas Fetish and Fantasy Ball at the Red Rock Resort Casino, October 28, but first he challenged me to a wrestling match. I eventually wound up on top...girl power is so much stronger than boy power, don't you guys agree? Remember to click on the images for the HD version and click again for the super size image.
  7. Super looking Many thanks for sharing your pictures
  8. Pretty straight, but worth keeping an eye on them - just in case 😊
  9. anyone know which episode this is? I would love to see this scene but not sure which episode it's in.
  10. I can't believe it's taken you so long to jerk that knee of yours. You're slipping!
  11. Cracking picture, very sexy indeed????
  12. A-O (film format)
  13. Humm Interesting Many thanks Tops are quite low. On purpose?
  14. Or any chocolate.
  15. Flippin Eck! That woke me up. Looks near perfect to me. Can she touch her toes? Many thanks for sharing this
  16.  You're a brave lady for calling him out. Nothing is likely to be done, because the male wearers expect and demand  equal rights  in the whole SHQ forums. We live  in  a modern politically correct World, which has some negative side effects.  Well done any way.

  17. hi young lady, yours seams are straight i guess.... you can call me, if i need to straighten them
  18. With respect Darna Stewartson, if the lady is prejudice, then it has been proven to be justified. Rather than condemn one of your fellow male wearers, you choose to condemn the brave lady, who has called out a male wearing deviant member. It is you, who should be embarrassed and not the brave lady. The male wearing deviant has let all the good male wearing members down and one of the high profile male wearing members, should publicly castigate him, rather than nitpick about the rules. Shame on you Darna Stewartson.
  19. look good to me,but may need a slight adjustment pop round i will help ! lol
  20. Afternoon all, Just time today to ask on behalf of my young lady... 'Are my seams straight?' 😆
  21. hi any more cruises booked ,kept your secret but someone else recognises you nice to have you back
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