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  2. Just wondered if any of you lovely ladies might be shopping in doncaster tomorrow and wouldnt mind being admired whilst shopping or over a coffee?
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  4. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    Or anything else.
  5. Nylon and Heel Slave

  6. Yesterdays work attire

    Wow - got any jobs?
  7. Yesterdays work attire

    Love those pink contrast stockings, such perfect legs too.
  8. Liberal utopia

    Allow me to interpret 'helen's' analysis...…………. 'The world can go to hell in a hand basket as long as I continue to collect my monthly allotment.'
  9. To remind you lot what this 'discussion' is all about, get off your high horses and enjoy the forums or LEAVE.
  10. Automated futures

    I don't think I'd go there...…………
  11. Liberal utopia

    Simple. Imagine your own elysian dream, then imagine the opposite. Perhaps Yorkshire without the chauvinistic Tykes.
  12. Doubles

    I'm reminded of a photo from a bridal magazine back in the early 90s which is I'm sure part of the many triggers for my love of stockings. I was delivering it as part of my paper round and didn't have the courage to go and buy my own copy. The photo was of a bride stood in beautiful white satin lingerie whilst her bridesmaid, dressed in the same helped fasten her rear suspenders. It was in a piece about bridal lingerie. Great memories. I wonder if that photo shoot is online anywhere now.
  13. Room for more backsliders.

    Hmm...…. if you really thought about it, you've been doing this same thing for a very long time...……… and I don't see any sign of it letting up!
  14. Liberal utopia

    Blott, I like your posts and I like what you're attempting to do. And I'll make an attempt to just give my opinion and shut my trap. But IMO, this is a big reason we've come to slinging crap at one another...……….. other than we act like old married couples, having interacted on the forum for so long. Penny's answer is a fairly good one. Just look at what she posts. I don't mean that in a bad way. She is what she is, and I like and respect her. I think the problem may be that a liberal can't really defend their position...…………… other than calling me (and my ilk) names. That doesn't work for me, as I don't hate anyone, and consider people individually. And no matter how much they say it, I know how I feel. I'm going off track. Maybe alteredbhoy would want to 'belly up to the bar' and give a realistic summary on how he feels about your thread. I do remember Sophie and others debating the incident in Germany a couple of years ago. After the we never heard from her very much. Maybe it's the aggressiveness of the male that makes them hold back from posting. Which is a shame.
  15. Stunning picture that has me going, thank you x
  16. Risky flashing

    can you imagine having all these ladies together !!!!!!
  17. I'm wearing Alberts Velvetized vintage stockings for the first time, having been told that they are the ne plus ultra of vintage stockings, ie you can't get better. Hanes have always been my favourite and, to be honest, I don't think the Alberts are anything like as smoothly sensual..
  18. Liberal utopia

    All opinions are valid, perhaps as the poster above mentions some countries are beginning to revise their immigration policies. However, my reason for posting this topic is to seek out the thoughts of those who perhaps appose the likes of Trump and/or Israel’s stance on their population mix in their country. In short how would the liberals here like the future to unfold if they had their way?
  19. Room for more backsliders.

    It’s no good talking to @brian jones i.e. yourself because you won’t / can’t answer 🔚
  20. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    Without blue cords
  21. Room for more backsliders.

    Are you saying that, heaven forbid, that some members could be thus described, Brian?
  22. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    Must-have the legs.
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