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  2. TWO 4 ONE

    Nice pics. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Cheshire north wales meets.

    Would love to if we eere up thst way shame enjoy
  4. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    Lungs and voice.
  5. Words

  6. Lingerie

    Your day is now complete. You have received the Sun King's blessing for being a "truly scrumptious young Lady" and, of course, "adorning stunning stockings". Congrats on being "the business Mrs. Bazil" and here's to many more "award(s) of your own"!
  7. Ah yes, having a Lady who "adorns in absolutely the way we love to see" could, in this instance, lead to distracted driving!
  8. Jerusalem

  9. On the way to the restaurant

    Welcome here in the forum - gorgeous first pic.......thanks for sharing!! Hope we can see a few more soon......
  10. Jerusalem

  11. TWO 4 ONE

    On a book stand near you, the "Art of Adornment"... SeamsFFun's new autobiography of the many ladies on SHQ he's observed who "have wonderful legs to adorn upon" and then "adorning" them with stockings "on a regular basis". Dashing out to buy my copy right now!
  12. Wearing Nylons under trousers

    I have in fact, just returned from a visit to the opticians and, yes, I was underdressed. Black satin tanga, red and black shq 6 drop belt with black Charnos 24/7 stockings.Tried to download a pic but wouldn't work
  13. On the way to the restaurant

    What for afters???
  14. mistress seam's

    Gorgeous red strappy heels and wonderful seamed stockings, NYLON GODDESS!!
  15. TWO 4 ONE

    Stunningly gorgeous thank you x
  16. Words

  17. Relationships

    I've been dressing, to one degree or another, since I was very young. My wife knows and accepts. I sometimes dress with her and she helps with keeping my seams straight and with make up. For the times I can't dress fully I often wear under my trousers. Sometimes with my wifes knowledge, sometimes without. I just enjoy the feeling of nylons and suspenders underneath.
  18. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    and quality speakers
  19. How Do I Delete my Profile?

    I am resident but I am no policeman, if I was I'd be sacked. I know what I like and I know what I don't therefore I comment or ignore. Just seams a shame so many words, threads and posts are wasted on what is not the purpose of the forums and site. KtF J
  20. As Others have pointed out, there is always the ignore button, but some members enjoy such action from others.
  21. Driving in stockings

    So magically mesmeric to see your magnificent legs so beautifully adorned Anna. A really sexy, tempting and teasing photo. Plus in white too which is a much understated and underestimated shade for stockings. Certainly looks all white on your wondrous pins Anna. KtF J
  22. Driving in stockings

    Absolutely would L, such a magnificently sexy and teasing sight, hope J managed to keep the car straight. You have always been one of my favourite adorners L and not just because you post such wonderful images of your fabulously adorned stocking-clad legs but also because stockings are a way of and part of your life too. Lovely once again to see you confirm that with this lovely, lovely, lovely photo. KtF J
  23. Driving in stockings

    This is an absolutely gorgeous and magical thread and the Ladies who have posted some incredible and sexy photos deserve our praise and thanks. The thread is an example of these forums and site at it's very best and shows what a great place SHQ can be if treat right and appropriately. Have to say ALL the photos are a real teasing turn-on and I thank you ALL Ladies for sharing them, it's great to see you in such dazzling form. KtF J
  24. Today
  25. Unfortunately Carole you're right about the Drovers and I suspect and believe you'll never get a response from Admin now or ever again. That's why bullying, inappropriate postings, abusive and bad language and all other things against the spirit and guidelines of the site are rife at present and why it's only the membership that can stop it, if you're brave enough and it's not going to be detrimental or dangerous for you to take such action. KtF J
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