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  2. She's rowing at a fair speed and when it cuts back to him the boat is still in the water. So the answer is WTF?
  3. Thankfully she's going to hide his "crack pipe" .......She does have good legs , shame to waste the view on drunken Rolf
  4. Please don't stick to the leather seats lol!
  5. Whose a naughty girl then Mrs R.....fab set of pics though...!! xx
  6. Pass!! Nice legs though!
  7. Gorgeous in all age - thanks for posting!!
  8. Today
  9. More pictures

    I find that very very sexy indeed
  10. Interviewing today

    If I was to feel your stockinged legs, can I get the job x
  11. Wife loves to flirt with strangers at the bar and pretends she doesn't know they can see her skirt here is a picture of her ready to head down to the bar
  12. Self drive AI cars

    I suppose a short term answer would be to have someone walk in front waving a red flag. All things must start somewhere. Poor William Huskisson was the first victim of rail travel but where would we be now if they had given up on the train? Many of us might have lived our whole lives without ever seeing the sea. I no longer have to get out and get under to fix up my automobile. My first computer crashed every few minutes (and that wasn’t long ago) but the 2011 MacBook I am looking at now has worked faultlessly since I bought it. The real danger is not that technology doesn’t work but that it may work too well. Stephen Hawking warned of the exponential rate of change of Artificial Intelligence. Early experts laughed off the fear that computers would take over the world by saying all we had to do was pull the plug out. Where is the internet plugged in?
  13. Meet in Norwich?

    I come from Norwich but am currently living in Edinburgh; however, we have a flat in Norwich and come back down every few weeks so it’s a possibility that we could be part of a meeting if it was on!
  14. Jeff from Hull

    Thanks for the response Jeff..... see you both again over Easter
  15. Jeff from Hull

    Thank You Soleman
  16. All being well we will be starting our SHQ lunches again this Friday <23/3> at Cribbs Causeway shopping mall. Planning to be there about noon in the John Lewis entrance and do a bit of window shopping and heading to the Prosecco bar in the middle for 1pm. Will try for a quiet corner visible from outside. No idea on outfit choice yet but she has offered to dress well for the occasion. Discrete voyeurs welcome, if you feel the mood is right you could comment on her legs and offer her a drink but PM me first to discuss a game plan!
  17. Czech Republic?!

    Plenty of nylon clad ladies - that’s for sure
  18. Horny horny lady 😋
  19. He who sups with the devil …

    If Cornyn had been Prime Minister in 1939 then I am sure the predominant language in this country would be German and the majority of us alive today would not have been born, and yes I'm also sure that had he been Prime Minister in 1982 then the Falkland Islanders would now be speaking Spanish!. Let's really hope he never holds that position!
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