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  2. Need a little help ...Mrs W said she would wear them if I bought them and maybe take a few snaps \o/ I want to get her some really nice ones but not sure how to size them ..(I don't want to get some that come to her armpits ) So where do you start
  3. Out and about

    Elegant, say no more.
  4. Went out yesterday for coffee and a browse through an art gallery with a friend (some here may remember her - Ms Joan Harris), who took some snaps :) Stockings of course. And some dishy lingerie by Pip.
  5. Today
  6. New dress for date night

    Super posts hope the night went well
  7. Nice pictures! BUT... You shouldn't let your wife stand on a bed wearing high heels, it isn't safe! (Two of my friends got into trouble this way)
  8. Bon voyage Benidorm + +

    Nice pics. Thank you for sharing!
  9. New dress for date night

    Nice pics. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Nice pictures. Thank you for sharing!
  11. Yesterday
  12. What’re you stair-ing at?....

    Absolutely gorgeous.
  13. Knickers

    Since I left school and had to buy my own ,I could never ever buy `Y` fronts or Boxer shorts , had a few unisex briefs and was given my girlfriends knickers the morning after staying over unexpectedly `as a clean pair to get me home` but she said keep them and that with what I wore I might as well buy womens and I did after that .
  14. Bring Back The Jokes

    Number 5 is my biggest bug bear 😤
  15. Glad you're out there having fun!
  16. Great body, sexy lingerie!
  17. The dress is fine but the lady is gorgeous and the lingerie is very sexy!
  18. Loving the arcade flash.Great set of pictures. J&N x
  19. Bon voyage Benidorm + +

    Lovely pictures. Brilliant location. J&N x
  20. Sunday girl

    Stunning pictures. We love the last one. J&N x
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