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  2. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    It will be interesting to see the results tonight at 9 pm. According to the pundits May will survive. If she survives by a substantial majority this could be the beginning of the end for Rees-Mogg and his cabal of halfwits and disaster capitalists. Things in the Tory Party are now so bad an ERG member walks out of a TV studio when a vice chairman of the party arrives. With good luck and a following wind the Tory Party will self destruct.
  3. Tunisian politacal activist Amira Yahyaoui is a very stylish wearer of hosiery in general, in my opinion, but I had been wondering whether she stuck only to t*ghts, and had no evidence to the contrary. Imagine my delight, then, to randomly come across what I believe to be confirmation, photographed at the US-Africa Leadership Summit 2014 (All credit to Getty's Pete Marovich, my new hero): It's certainly not the (very obvious) mic cable, nor, I would venture, is it likely to be Spanx... :) Her appearances at Davos in 2016 offered no such detail, but does demonstrate rather well her affinity for nylon, and boots as well!
  4. Hi it’s P18 G18 C18 fantastic photos as always difficult to choose just 3 !! 😜 jx
  5. O.18 is a winner for me. I would be interested to know Mrs FC's favourite.
  6. Ah the wonderful Olga, whose work to expose many a grotty hostelry has brought such glimpses of joy. Her tireless pursuit of dust and grime detection has involved bending, reaching, standing on tables and even occasionally lying down in bathtubs. All of which providing copious opportunities for hemline and welt to part company. I have a vague recollection she might be a Fulham supporter, but the jury is presumably out on whether that’s a plus point or a detractor. Nevertheless, her cameraman has among the best jobs in the world (though he occasionally gets bashed Cook Report-style…) and her husband is one of the luckiest of men (despite the fact that it’s doubtless a daunting task to choose a hotel and restaurant for a romantic weekend that are up to scratch…). I’m sure the rewards outweigh the risks. I’m reminded of a post from a couple of years back by Carlos28, whose own dedication to seeking these videos out is also laudable, which is linked below for anyone who missed it. (Although she is, as Enzo correctly states, Ukrainian, not Russian). I’ll also add one of my all-time favourites (@3:57), not included in the above batch, of Olga testing the structural integrity of a staircase – by stamping up each step: Stairs sequence begins @ 3:50 Other highlights are @ 5:53, 7:49, 10:09, 10:55, 25:46 (where she seems to realise and adjust herself), and 26:10 ...
  7. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    May is going no where.
  8. Today
  9. no but very nice
  10. Feet in nylon

    Maybe you all need to be reminded of times past?? So here you go...!!! A little NOSTALGA...!!!! ************************************************************************************* !!!!!
  11. I love the cheeky upskirt shots
  12. Seamless

    One thing I've noticed here is the hypocrisy of some - Lyn come back they are only jealous 🙏
  13. A lovely view Sue and such sexy panties and stockings on show, well done!
  14. Can you delete my account immediately please
  15. Gorgeous pics ty for sharing
  16. Great set of photos. Once you go black....
  17. Out and about

    You look fantastic, cheers!
  18. Front Seat Stockings

    Looks OK to me Sue, such a sexy lady.
  19. You make a sexy Santa Zoe, gorgeous photos. 😍😍
  20. Xmas comes but once a year!

    Wow Zoe! Great photos of a fantastic looking lady, very festive, sexy and certainly gets me in the Christmas spirit!
  21. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    Bet everyone is glad that they voted in 2015 for a "Strong and Stable" leadership under the Tory Party rather than for a bloke who couldn't eat a bacon sarnie.
  22. Xmas comes but once a year!

    Naughty Thanks 🙏🏻 for sharing
  23. Front Seat Stockings

    Nothing wrong with showing one’s appreciation for a lift Lovely as always to see you Sue
  24. Australians

  25. Seamless

    why can't people just be 'nice' and keep their misguided and singular opinions to themselves!! Lynn is such a lovely lady and has never 'gone beyond' the bounds of decency, only demonstrating what real beauty looks like.... Please come back Lynn, we all love you!
  26. Working from home today

    Looking absolutely gorgeous Zoe!!!! That is such a cute outfit darling,XXX
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