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  2. Lingerie

    Very very nice crackin legs
  3. TWO 4 ONE

    lovely pics Gill hope all well with you x
  4. Stockings on stage

    Can’t remember anything but the stockings! Only joking, it was Witness for the Prosecution at County Hall in London. Well worth a visit to see the play as well!
  5. Allow me to reintroduce myself

    Welcome back. Sorry to hear about the divorce.
  6. TWO 4 ONE

    Great pic ladies, is the other lady wearing stockings as well??
  7. mistress seam's

    Goddess, you know I would like you to be strict with me.
  8. mistress seam's

    you can be strict with me GODDESS
  9. Today
  10. Divorce stinks for all involved (unless you are a solicitor). Not experienced it myself but hope both of you get through OK as know many who haven't. Very apraisable bum I must add.....
  11. Hello again. I love that avatar!
  12. TWO 4 ONE

    beautiful ladies very classy and sexy
  13. Sorry to hear of separation but glad you are still here gloria
  14. What Are You Listening To?

  15. mistress seam's

    Yikes. I've been good, Miss. Honest
  16. Driving in stockings

    mmmmmmmmmmmm.............great car shot with wonderful contrasts!!
  17. The apprentice

    Michaela's legs looked fantastic in that program, and she was always showing them off to the camera.
  18. Love the outfit and the reveal for the stockings and lingerie is fabulous and do love the smile and the fun throughout the photos. Thanks for sharing
  19. Driving in stockings

    The lilac fully contrast get a outing.
  20. TWO 4 ONE

    Evidently I’m hanging around the wrong people.
  21. I agree I think her days of sheer nylon and short skirt days are over ....thick opaques is all we see these days
  22. Lingerie

    Wow truly stunning, amazing lingerie matched with gorgeous nylons......such a sexy lady.
  23. Allow me to reintroduce myself

    Welcome back Kinkykat_ it's always so refreshing and heartening to welcome a member back. Judging by your amazing Flickr photos your ex-husband needs his head examining! Not many stocking images there but you sure have a peachy cute derriere, beautiful figure and we can see a pair of legs that would truly look awesome adorned by stockings. The site may not be what it once was Kinkyk but it's still a great place to visit and share the passion for stockings as well as getting to know some great and friendly people. So, enjoy the fact that you have your freedom and can post here on your terms and likes. KtF J
  24. mistress seam's

    Mmmmmm can never be too much of your sexy thigh......wonderful nylon clad legs and very sexy heels.
  25. Driving in stockings

    I’m a trucker and regularly write shq on the back of my trailer but don’t ever see any stocking tops :-(
  26. mistress seam's

    a little to much thigh ?
  27. Driving in stockings

    Fantastic pic
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