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  2. Sydney

    Sydney Australia, autumn is on the way ladies. The slightly cooler evenings are the ideal time to "stocking up". Anyone or any couples in the scene that want to cross paths for a drink and some sightings/showing off PLEASE drop me a line.
  3. Shoe Dangle

    So simple and sexy! Girls used to flirt like this when I was a kid and it seems a forgotten talent these days! Beautiful!
  4. He who sups with the devil …

    Oh! I've heard this before. And I've asked the question before. I just wish someone would tell me what it is then maybe I can join in.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Jeff from Hull

    This is what it says at the head of this section of the forum. Stockings HQ male wearers forum This is the place for men who wear stockings to discuss the issues that arise. Explicit messages and pornographic fantasies will be deleted, and user names and IP numbers banned. Please be considerate.
  7. Self drive AI cars

    Blott, my esteemed fellow cynic, that's not the half of it you need to spend half an hour over a pint of real ale with my semi-retired friend from the security service or even my daughter's ex partner in the NCA. If they so wish you wouldn't be able to break wind without it being flagged up. Regards John B.
  8. 50s look or goth?

    Great photos Mandy.
  9. First timer

    A most welcome debut it is. Please continue with the beautiful posts Ella M.
  10. Suspender bumps

    Gorgeous pics - thanks for sharing!! Did you have also a video from this scenes?
  11. First timer

    Definitely worth a second viewing ☺
  12. First timer

  13. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    We can tell
  14. Shoe Dangle

  15. Suspender bumps

    Lovely shots but who is she?
  16. Such sexy legs
  17. Very sexy
  18. Getting ready for work

    Great ass
  19. She does have beautiful legs. Thank you for sharing!
  20. Glasgow Scotland

    out in town on sat ;-)
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