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  2. Chinon France

    In other words - straptastic
  3. England kit

    All of the above plus a couple more
  4. Xmas decorations

    A tad late putting those decs away!! 🎄 I’m glad you have though
  5. Today
  6. Chinon France

    Jules looks lovely with what looks to be a ten strap suspender belt on.
  7. Chinon France

    lovely, elegant and classy lady with legs crossed in contrast stockings. amazingly pretty and perfectly posed legs. my compliments!!
  8. Yesterday
  9. Xmas decorations

    mmmmmmmmmm...........what a OUTSTANDING upskirt-shot!! A EXCELLENT VIEW under her skirt on her stockinged legs - by holding the steps with one hand(and the other does stroking her stockings I think) -> you are a lucky man....
  10. Chinon France

    Gorgeous teasing by the French stocking Society -> wearing a wonderful summer-dress with a gorgeous cleavage..... and wonderful Cervins held by 10 straps, which be very well suspended!! A ABSOLUTELY DELIGHT in the sun..... Many thanks for sharing this fabulous pic, Rich&Jules.
  11. Chinon France

    Ok, many thanks that you tell me what's happen with the first posted topic... Will try to post my comment as ecaxtly as I can here in your new topic again.
  12. England kit

    Excellent Naughty Nice More please Thanks
  13. Chinon France

    Oh-la-la young Jules you look tres bon! What an amazingly sexy, beautiful and teasing Lady you are. Such a fabulously flirty photo that exudes all that is great about SHQ. Even with the gorgeous stocking flash the picture would have been amazing as your outfit is the epitome of elegance which is what we come to expect from such a wonderful exponent of feminine glamour. But ultimately you did choose to flash and I for one am so pleased you did as you have wondrous legs that look awesome adorned in such sensational stockings with superb proper suspenders too. So much sheer joy to enjoy. KtF J
  14. Xmas decorations

    I think you made a great decision to let your sexy teasing wife put the deccys back as it's given us a sheer heavenly view of gorgeous legs adorned in lovely stockings. Very daring and flirty too and definitely a lovely piece of appropriate ladder holding. KtF J
  15. World Cup '18

    I'm confident anyone who has the intelligence to navigate to the Off Topic forum of a stocking appreciation website, will be in command of sufficient common sense to realise such posts are humorous nonsense
  16. Chinon France

    Hi thks for your comment on first posted topic ,topic deleted for personal information reasons
  17. World Cup '18

    And maybe those liberal ones on here who advocate compassion for all, will demonstrate their commitment by showing some.
  18. A tight spot in the country !

    Lovely shiny tights...amazing. Nice thong too!
  19. Wifeys tights

    Wow lovely outfit. I love the dress so much. Those floral knickers with lace trim are super sexy. Which brand of tights are they?! Petra x
  20. Brainers sighted

    From me’bed chamber Blott Manor Opppps, in me haste to complete a head count I missed the gamekeeper lass from the list. Assuming the lass in question can secure permission from the Mem that would make the team lucky 7.
  21. World Cup '18

    I think Southgate would rather come 2nd in the group for the easier path. The group winner will face Brazil and then Germany. Whoever wins the World Cup will need enormous stamina to get to and win the final, which is why the ‘big’ experienced teams usually win out in the end. As an aside, isn’t it fabulous to see teams of many nations come together to make one of the best sporting spectacles of modern times.
  22. Liberal utopia

    Suit yourself. If you're not up to it, so be it. But what are you going to do when life really kicks your ass?
  23. England kit

    Great pics , but your Flickr link doesn't work.
  24. Bring Back The Jokes

  25. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    Whilst they’re pinged
  26. New photo hope you like

    I love that skirt, sooo pretty.
  27. Risky flashing

    Bold , daring and very risky !
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