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  2. Welcome, let the wife point her smelly nylons my way😋
  3. Rikki, As I said, I wish we had had the presence of mind to get at least one picture taken together or with the group. Ah, but the sweet memories remain. XOXO Jessie
  4. Looking lovely as ever. Thanks for sharing with us again. XOXO Jessie
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  6. somehow i knew my colonel would like this..... actually he's made it clear that he did. thanks so much.
  7. Very nicely displayed.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Very artistic picture. Well posed, nice nails, nice stockings, nice blonde hair, nice tattoo (tattoos are not my thing but it works on her).
  10. Interesting comment at 57 seconds.
  11. you mean i couldnt just dive in with my tongue flapping and a seam in each palm ?
  12. yes i'm sure it would be hard, i'd have to teach you some self control
  13. I wonder if the click of your heels, the whisper of your ffnylons and swish of your satin would still be audible above the thump thump of my pulse.... 💥💣💓
  14. with legs and a figure like yours it would be hard,, but im sure i could hold my own !!
  15. Goddess, Thank you for making midweek, a legs weakening, fantasy fuelling, fully fashioned feast for my eyes. 😍😁💋💓
  16. In Edinburgh for a couple of days 


  17. Beats the view on Thameslink this morning!
  18. Is there a choice about the cane - comes with the skirt but not without judging by the pictures! So one is safer.....
  19. Wonderful collection, I'd love to have the role of chief straightener!
  20. do u think u could control yourself !
  21. Lovely cooments one an all Pressure is on now. Is this too steamy ?
  22. A nice sexy lady! Thanks for sharing!
  23. Pic was lovely, beautifully framed derrière, pity it’s been removed but worth it while it lasted 😀
  24. NICE !
  25. Those thighs are great. They must feel fantastic under nylon
  26. Like this? An oldie on YT..
  27. Then wear glasses 🤓
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