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  2. Night out at hotel

    wonderful lingerie and heels opt for the black but they both nice
  3. Setting up the shoot

    absolutely stunning wow x
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  5. Night out at hotel

    have to say I hope it was the black set!
  6. Think Pink

    Makes me think of bubblegum.
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  8. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    I used to work in Engineering for a popular car maker in Essex (you can probably work it out), and the Plants used to have an annual shutdown, not only for annual holidays, but to change the production line ready for a new model. There is a lot of noise at the moment with car makers blaming all their woes on Brexit, although there is uncertainty about what happens after Brexit, more importantly most car makers have bigger issues. The big debate about Electric, has basically stopped people buying new cars, plus if you have a three year old car you pay no road tax, but on a new one you do. My car is 3 years old, and I keep thinking why should I pay £140 road tax, when for the moment I pay nothing. Also cars look good for much much longer, and the reliability is much better, so the need to change them is not so great. Jaguar has issues in that their market is reducing, why do you think Ford sold them, they saw it coming. Mini is part of BMW and they have issues with their electrics, all those cars that keep stopping and VW is still paying for the emission mess up. A lot of parts come from China and India and they are definitely not in the EU. Jaguar is owned by Tata, and would imagine a lot of their parts are probably sourced by their parent company, which is in India. A lot of the automotive parts are sourced globally (many of the Engineers I worked with quite often went to China to inspect parts), and in the case of certain models, are also made outside the EU and then Shipped here. So don't believe all you read.
  9. Feet in nylon

    Fantastic pics, a real turn on for me.
  10. Very first post :)

    great start
  11. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    Thank you for that information. Although according to Helen the planned shutdown is for several weeks, which implies a longer break than a fortnight. Perhaps that derives from the time I was at university in Birmingham during the "winter of discontent" and the days of "Red Robbo". He had the motor industry shut down for a damn sight longer than a fortnight in July.
  12. Think Pink

    Love the hot pink stockings. I don't think there's enough color in stockings!
  13. Black RHT and leather skirt

    Absolutely magnificent lynn x
  14. Blue Seams

    Who does not love a splash of color? Beautiful! Jessie
  15. Black RHT and leather skirt

    my only request, lynn, is that you and hubby take a weekender in london.
  16. Black RHT and leather skirt

    Lovely and even more lovely ! What is there not to like ? 😁
  17. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    I'm sorry to disappoint you once again, ab. I don't like Indian food, especially from native American Indians. We can't help but to stereotype things in this world. We can't help but acknowledge our experiences. I suppose there are times in which one could hate, but, for the most part, these cases should be isolated, out of the ordinary cases. I imagine that hate would tend to expend much energy and should be dealt with, and reconciled if at all possible. The hatred for a people, especially the Muslims, is not very prevalent.... except for that between the Arabs and the Jews. From my perspective, it's mostly the Arab hatred directed toward the Jews. I don't really know. I don't know that it's exactly fear, but we must be wary of a religion that way too many members of this religion want to see death for the infidels. I'm not including the Muslims that want to just make a living and go their own way, worshipping what they believe. But we are unable to discern the differences, so we must manage our borders. That is the only prudent conclusion one can come to. Fear doesn't enter into it. Unless it's the fear that the innocent will suffer because of the political bullshit that goes on.
  18. Love your pictures, very sexy, especially those shoes. Thank you.
  19. Looking fabulous for the night out
  20. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    It's a strange tradition in the British motor industry of the Midlands, that I thought had probably died out years ago. All the car plants in Coventry closed down for the same fortnight every year (known as the Coventry fortnight), which allowed all the workers to go on holiday to Skegness together. I know that when Peugeot opened its car plant in Ryhill about 30 years or so ago, it adopted the tradition. It would appear that BMW do too. From memory the Cov fortnight was in July.
  21. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    Unfortunately rowlf, all too often all you can do is spout bs rather than counter it. For your information, I simply can't remember the last time I went to a drive through and I somehow doubt that the person who served me was a Muslim. I can't claim to embrace the Muslim community as you claim. In the main, I only knowingly come across Muslims in the medical world. I've never been to a mosque or studied their creed. I eat in Indian Restaurants, but I can't vouch for the religious beliefs of the waiters. But what I cannot embrace is the stereotyping and hatred that gets exhibited by those with insufficient imagination to do anything but fear what they don't understand.
  22. Hello, we will be in valencia for chritsmas
  23. Grandes vistas en Coruña

    Hola Carlos visitaremos coruña en semana santa. Puedes recomendar algun lugar para avistamientos? Saludos
  24. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    Ohhhh Not again!!!
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