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  2. Thanks to all who took the time to take a look and comment. Very much appreciated because every girl does like to be validated. Cheers to you all! XOXO Jessie
  3. He finances it? And by default owns it. i'm not sure what the issue is, there is a male wearer forum. I'm sure that all of our male wearing friends would surely rather post somwhere they are appreciated? Or am I missing something?
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  5. More, much more...please!
  6. I'm in the off camp....and more!
  7. Dressage whip, boots....all going very very well. Tights are sexy too...... Utd if you were stockings and suspenders........BOOOOOoM
  8. Mistress Nylon Goddess, Like others here, how I long to clean your boots, not that they look dirty. To worship you would be the ultimate but I expect my flanks would be brushed by those spurs! Would you like to ride and punish this pony please? Please teach me a lesson of my insubordination!
  9. Business
  10. I too have been a long time fan wonderful legs and true poise
  11. I often saw seams when she did her quiz game As fine a pair of pins as there is I'd say Not sure I'd risk an hour though ;)
  12. a new reason to get to Goodwood Must give it a whirl Love those ladies, mwahhhvellous obxx
  13. Monkey.....🐒
  14. PG
  15. Like I said, the gallery's in a shambles.

  16. I think you have an exaggerated opinion of what David does on and for the forum, Bigun. Just my opinion, mind.
  17. Tea....... ☕️
  18. Im Sure Iv Seen A Porn Film Along These Lines , Still Lovely Stockings And Heels Though
  19. This looks like it could get interesting.....loving her nylons and heels x
  20. What Gorgeous Legs You Have , How I Wish All Women Still Dressed Like This With A Touch Of Style And Glamour
  21. Thank you for all the lovely comments on my vintage attire
  22. So with the greetings done, she lead me into the property ready to begin the tour. As we reached the lounge area she opened the folder she was carrying, which I guess had all of the buildings details in..... I'm sure I spotted the packaging of a pair of stockings in there, she became a little flustered then in what I may have seen!
  23. Blouse, prolongs the tease and that's what it's all about !!! You really are a stunner, regards John B.
  24. Absolutely beautiful Xx
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