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  2. Stunning legs, love the red and black combination, thanks for sharing guys.
  3. ready for dinner

    Very nice Thankyou for sharing
  4. ready for dinner

    Always nice to see a bit of quality, lovely stocking tops.
  5. Lovely bit of stocking top, more please.
  6. Very nice, would like to see a standing up, rear view, I love seams. Still good work though.
  7. What you do to relax?

    There’s been the odd one here and there... 😜
  8. Just stunning, wonderful pics
  9. The Seams of oz

    A stunning set of pics, just wonderful
  10. You look fab, tell your boss he needs to get with it
  11. What you do to relax?

    Makes for some interesting conversations and situations
  12. Today
  13. You can Def work in my office my dear. So so sexy.....
  14. What you do to relax?

    I recommend that everyone should try it once. Friends and family who have been with us have really enjoyed it and been back.
  15. Blue Seams

    Looking stunning Elizabeth
  16. Great pic wouldnt mind being a friend of hers too.
  17. a couple more

    Classy lady. Great shoes and stockings. Look forward to more
  18. What you do to relax?

    Great to hear your experiences 🙏🏻👍🏻
  19. New model

    Janek, I think she is beautiful and wish her all the best as a model.
  20. Looking great as always totty x
  21. Blue Seams

    My gf likes blue seams aswell
  22. What you do to relax?

    Haha! When you’ve saunaed the European way and swam naked, you’d understand why they ban swimwear from being worn in these places. It’s so much more comfortable.
  23. Blue Seams

    Looking gorgeous as always xx
  24. Definitely very appropiate office wear Brie xxx
  25. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the show 😉😘
  26. kenpaz

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