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  2. 70 years and counting

    It may have been a possibility, but he answered my questions, which shows he clearly thought them worth answering and in his answers he showed that he has a total lack of wisdom in this subject.
  3. 70 years and counting

    Well if it was so easier, why did I have to push you so hard for the answer? The answer is obvious. Your response to what would you do in their shoes is to state that you wouldn't ever wear their shoes. The stupidity of your response is breath taking. How exactly would you make the best of having nothing in a country that has nothing and with no resources to do anything. Perhaps you could have used the resources present, dust, broken bottles and insects to set yourself a fast food franchise, or design a desalination plant to generate drinking water. Pretty much the only entrepreneurial activity available to you would be to stockpile stones for the sling shooters. Yes I asked whether you have any empathy for the Palestinians. You either do, or you don't. How on earth you think your second sentence answers in any way is beyond me. There are issues in every Country, but when one nation systematically kills hundreds of demonstrators of a people they deem to be stateless, then we Britons stand up and are prepared to say that it is wrong. Turning a blind eye, which appears to be your response, is shocking and immoral. Your whole answer shows that despite your constantly asking people to give you solutions, you have none yourself. You're just a selfish sham, criticising anyone who criticises your nation's friends like a yapping dog.
  4. My wife #2

    What a sexy beauty.
  5. My wife #2

    What lovely legs, super high heels and amazing tats. Thanks you for posting
  6. Out and about in Wroclaw

    Wow, cracking pins, thanks for posting.
  7. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    All 12 blatantly....
  8. Some pics of Mrs Stort at the pub in Wroclaw 😊
  9. hmmm

    thinking of leaving the forum is getting out of hand and needs controlling big time
  10. I have to say, there is something about Sally that I really like. Quite cheeky, always on the button and has legs that go on and on. Tights too...we can only wish for anything more.
  11. Today
  12. Lord High Executioner.

    Wasn't Brian Jones in the Beatles?
  13. Lord High Executioner.

    Is John Vasey gone? Damn, I was just beginning to get to know him.
  14. 70 years and counting

    I don't need it. I'm prepared to trust in the authenticity of a scholar's research over an opinionated person who says he was there some 100 years after the event.
  15. 70 years and counting

    My case? My case is that an oppressive regime started long before you and your ilk seem to be giving it consideration, that has always had an agenda to remove , or wipe out, the people that were rightfully living on that land. That regime has been helped in turn by the British and now the Americans. That regime is openly practicing Apartheid (actually far worse), genocide (or if you don't like that term, ethnic cleansing). But apparently those stoopid Palestinians should just stop throwing stones and start building something because Rowlf did some quasi-philosophical naval gazing while dribbling his cornflakes down his chin this morning. Wow.
  16. 70 years and counting

    I'd be surprised if you left your house tbh, what with the radio waves, the aliens, the muslims, the communists... it's pretty dangerous out there.
  17. seamless pantyhose

    Why wud u ask ..i just greatly appreciate the ladies posts..looking fab Mrs fw🤗ty for sharing 😚
  18. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    Outlining the straps
  19. Lord High Executioner.

    All these ‘new members’ getting sooo involved in subjects they know very little about......seeing as they are ‘new members’
  20. Gf pics from hotel saturday

    More than ok Paul 👍
  21. Donna

    You look one confident lady Donna. Very sexy outfit and beautifully posed, thank you for sharing x
  22. Donna

    Fantastic pics of a very sexy lady
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