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  2. Stocking sizing

    I have stockings size 9.5 to 10. and am 5ft 8 and size 8 shoe
  3. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    It's far worse than this with no deal we will no longer be members of European Aviation Safety Agency which currently certifies all UK pilots engineers etc. All of these licences will no longer be valid. Any operator who allowed an unlicensed engineer or pilot near a plane would have no insurance therefore planes are going knowhere.
  4. Such a gorgeous lady, she looks amazing. Hope you both had loads of fun
  5. Bon voyage Benidorm + +

    Stunning Mrs Rob, lucky Benidorm!
  6. Nylon Bondage

    Hi Lynn, love all your pics. Where do you get your Seamless tights from please? Katie xx
  7. Nylon Bondage

    What a delicious photo, I love it. 😍
  8. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    On the contrary Corona. I was opposed to the first referendum on the grounds that we operate in Parliamentary Democracy and that the referendum was a means for a vocal minority to get their way when they had been unable to do so by the means laid out in our democratic processes. We elect representatives to Parliament, in order to form a Government and make the decisions necessary for running our Country. We only had the initial referendum because those politicians pushing for the UK to leave the EU were unable to win enough constituencies to form a Government. It was a means of subverting the democratic process. Having been opposed to the first referendum it would be hypocritical of me to want a re-run and I do not want this. What I was is a Government that will do the right thing by the Country and abandon this suicidal policy in the National Interest. If the current Government will not do this, then I want a General Election so that the electorate has a chance to elect a Government that will. Only if we leave with a deal. Our planes fly to the EU under the European Open Skies Agreement. We are members of the Agreement by virtue of our EU membership. If we leave we will no longer be members of the Agreement and will need to negotiate our continued membership. Leaving with no deal will mean that we have not negotiated our continued membership and so planes will not fly between the UK and EU until such time as a negotiation on this is concluded. In addition, the European Open Skies Agreement allows US and Canada airlines to fly into the EU and EU planes to fly in the other direction. Once again, our ability to do this will be lost as soon as we cease to be members of the EU, unless we do a deal to ensure it continues. So no deal is better than a bad deal. Except no deal means that international flights to and from the UK will cease. It would have to be an exceptionally bad deal to be worse than that.
  9. Today
  10. Just been on taking about wearing stockings for the Avengers. Told a great story about the photo below how the press would only take her photo if she was wearing stockings and how they basically had to borrow some off a random woman worth watching on iPlayer
  11. Shopping in Manchester you ever go clubbing in Mcr? Would love to admire and Mcr has some interesting clubs
  12. Postman Always Knocks Twice!

    I've a special package I'd like to deliver to you.
  13. Leggy In Lace.......

    Stunning as ever Sue!
  14. Monday Again !

    Wow, I'd love to see what happens on a great day ☺ Love the detail in each picture thank you for sharing. We are all lucky you share.
  15. Stocking sizing

    Her height / shoe size normally helps Looking forward to the pics
  16. Postman Always Knocks Twice!

    I hope you got what you were waiting for ☺ absolutely perfect
  17. Very first post :)

    Stunning first picture. Thank you for sharing ando hope you can sharead more of your amazing legs in stockings
  18. Thanks for sharing. Beautifultra lady with a cheeky dress, love the way it furls to reveal.
  19. Nylon Bondage

    WOW im coming xxxxx to the rescue xx
  20. Monday tease

    Everything has been said , each picture perfectly set Thank you for sharing
  21. Another colourful outing.....RED.

    Soooooo blatant
  22. A Story...... In 3 Word Posts!

    Reeled you in 🎣
  23. Thanks for your concern .I did do a risk assessment first ....Rob
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