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  2. Work wear/Everyday wear

    We will see how the photos go this evening
  3. Too visible or OK?

    great again
  4. Very glad you decided to post again and what a start. Very sexy pictures.
  5. Looking as gorgeous as ever 🙂
  6. Too visible or OK?

    I'd hope they'd notice, you look fantastic ! 🙂
  7. Too visible or OK?

    Brilliant picture Visible suspender bumps are a great bonus 😄
  8. Too visible or OK?

    No I wouldn't notice a thing, honest.... Gorgeous
  9. Leeds male here. Couldnt have put it better myself. Would love to meet anyone from my neck of the woods
  10. Too visible or OK?

    Fantastic outfit. I know I'd notice.
  11. Legs and boobs

    perfect combination, gorgeous!!
  12. Fantastic lingerie esp the knickers xxxx
  13. Work wear/Everyday wear

    Would you like to be the first to post :-)
  14. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    Try Google, why do you want others to do your research
  15. Work wear/Everyday wear

    I always wear for work, completes the outfit. My ex husband used to love it.
  16. Today
  17. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    EU sues Google for $5B. How much of this will the UK receive now that they're leaving? How much would they have received if they had stayed in the EU?
  18. norwich male looking to meet nylon lovers

    Hi get back to us to chat more
  19. Hi ladies Would love to see pics of you in your work outfits or everyday wear. With nylons of course I have always found the business/office look very alluring. Are any of you daring enough to take a pic during work or whilt out and about :-)
  20. Kylie....

    She’s a little beauty x
  21. warm here

    Hot to trot
  22. Fools, Rules and Brexitation.

    The Prime Minster in parliament today says 70 "technical notices" for businesses and households will be published in Aug and Sept setting out how we should all prepare for a no-deal Brexit (should that be what happens which looks increasingly likely). If it's anything like the Swedish document around preparations for a national emergency it will be quite scary. Assuming this actually happens this will seriously put the cat among the pigeons. The latest poll on Brexit shows that Remain would win a new #Brexit referendum by 55% to 45%. I would expect those numbers in favour of Remain to increase substantially. I wonder if this is part of the good news about Brexit as you have to remember "No deal is better than a bad deal"
  23. Kylie....

    Good girl
  24. Nice farming attire
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